Saturday, December 10, 2005

So u guys miss me....

How's everybody? I believe everyone is having a good time, cuz I sure do! For those not having fun ( stuck in the exam or wuteva), just remember - cest la vie. Hehehe. I also think that the time is ripe to declare to everyone that I have finally done the impossible - work. The salary is not lucrative at all, but I have my own reasons.

Truth be told, I am actually quite pissed rite now cuz someone snatched away the Tooth Faerie Mouth Wash, just because this blardy streamyx jammed for a few seconds. I have also realized that my Neopets skills have corroded with time....

Anyways, for those who are in Malaysia, anyone watch 8TV Quickie? The hosts are just amazing - Adam, Marion, Rina and Fatface. Especially Marion, who is just hot. Anyways, before the Quickie starts, usually, there will be some kinda animation showing, then something that sounds like "ahhh, e-mails good" will be heard. Now, what exactly is the voice saying? This has been puzzling me for quite some time now and I have come up with tons of guesses. What say you?

Wanna take this opportunity to congratulate Max for having published in an article in "full colour". Well, this is long overdue, but I have just read the pdf version. Wohoo!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kena tagged laio, wth

Gee, many thanks Joanne and Heng Liang. Love you guys. Really appreciated.
So if you're wondering why I am so late, it's because I got tests, unlike u bunch of happy people. So here it is.

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
I don’t do things, stupid twisted sicko! And never will. I ONLY do people.

Seven Things I Can Do
Here we go again. I reiterate - I don’t do things even if I can do them!!!

Seven Celebrity Crushes
  1. Britney Jean Spears, but Kevin can eat shit
  2. Jessica Alba
  3. Angelina Jolie
  4. Sarah Tan
  5. Lucy Liu
  6. Hilary Duff. She’s become hot now, k.
  7. None other than the Sand Village’s old hag, Chiyobaa-sama. Wohoo!!
Seven Recent/ Current Books
  1. Da Vinci Code
  2. Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
  3. Mort by Terry Pratchett
  4. Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett
  5. No more, not even textbooks.

Seven Favourite Food

  1. Koay Teow Th’ng
  2. Curry Mee
  3. Tomyam –mom’s, Arowana’s, Helle Berry’s (yes, she makes awesome tomyam if u dunno), and the one frm a restaurant situated by the longkang, run by an obnoxious fat bloke and his fugly gf/wife.
  4. Hot Taiwanese Sausage
  5. Beng Laksa and rojak
  6. Goreng Pisang from the stall in front of SRK Sri Perlis.
  7. Basically any food frm home cuz aussie food sux. Wanna add one more - homemade garam belacan with mangoes! Shit, hafta stop cuz I am salivating.

Seven Random Facts About Me

  1. In total, I have approximately 0.5 million MYR in my bank accounts. So I am actually quite well off.
  2. I don’t click with ugly and stupid people.
  3. I don’t eat fish (conditions apply), prawn and any mollusks. Papaya sux too.
  4. I think bimboes and bitches are cool (also conditions apply).
  5. I have complete collection of Pokemon figurines. I also bought Aaron Kwok CDs.
  6. If I get any animes, mangas, dramas, or series, I have to watch them back to back before finally stopping, no matter how many episodes they have.
  7. Sometimes I like to tell lies. So no.1 is just a bullshit.

Seven People I Want to Tag

  1. Kean the hot biatch, use this as an excuse to update the damn blog.
  2. People at ReCom (except CY) cuz they are kiasu, and obviously have no life.
  3. Jeff Ooi, because I think his site is too boring and needs this to spice it up.
  4. Kenny Sia, cuz I think this thing is at least more original than his posts.
  5. Other world famous bloggers.
  6. Pamela Anderson (wohoo! She won’t say no to hot ppl like me and Joanne)
  7. Basically all desperate people out there. Kekeek! I am not planning to tag the others cuz I am just too kind (also because nearly all the patrons here are tagged already). Kekeke! Just doing my part in putting a halt to this evil.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birds of predator

Man, birds in Australia are nasty. The other day, when I was walking to the uni, I was attacked by a mother duck! Well, I heard that ducks attack people, but I will just laugh and tease the person. Didn't know I would also be the victim!

I was only walking near them, didnt even crossed their path. Nasty creatures! With outstretched neck, she just zoomed to me, until I threateningly swung my legs and tried to kick the bastard's sorry ass away. And her "ducklings" she tried to protect were not even lil' fledglings anymore. Their size was almost as big as the mother! Sigh, overprotective mother even exists in the animal kingdom. Ok, to be fair, I am not sure that it's a mother duck. So, I just assume. Kekeke.

Other known aggresive birds are galahs and magpies. I heard that magpies like attacking passerby and pecks away people's eyeballs. Sick idiots. For those who don't know what are magpies, they are black and white birds, and they look like crows. In children stories, they are said to have the habit of pecking away glittery or shiny stuff from people. So I was walking back from the gym the other day and a bunch of magpies flew past me. Then, I realized - there is another con of getting a piercing...

Monday, October 17, 2005

lazy to think of a title

haizz, now too early can't sleep. So fiddling friendster. Frendsrer get really popular now because it's fun. Why izzit fun, u may ask? My 2 cents:

Friendster fun because can see your friends' updates lah. Now got friendster blog summore, really jam-packed with features. Dats why everyone play Friendster, cuz they miss their friends mah. U disagree ah? Go jump down frm a bridge la, useless piece of shit!

Secondly, there are some accounts dedicated for 'Legluis" to join. I know a few la, if u want ask me. But sadly for u, real lengluis are really few and far between in these acconuts, only got those super ugly bimboes who think they can rival Angelina Jolie taking headshots of themselves. The result is horrible beyond words. Still it's fun to see how dislussioned people can be. So, give it a shot. If you're a gal and not interested in seeing gals, dont be dissapointed. There are Lengchai's version of this also. Although sadly this is 1 trillion times more disgusting.

but of course, i have a list of real frenster lengluis too. wei, i am not desperate k. just bumped into them by chance :P

Also, one of the funniest things abt friendster is the Top Network Search. Most of the time, there are something interesting. Here're some examples:

"aku menyelak baju kebaya"
"ranjang coli"
"stim di bilik mandi"
"posisi jimak"
"malam paling panjang"
"terlondeh baju"

man, these mofos are really desperate man. if wanna look for p0rn, look somehwere else mah, friendster search is not very efficient anyways. dun pollute my Top Network Search. later ppl who view my profile would think i mix with bad company. but damn creative lah these desperados. Hahaha.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Wake me up when November ends

Well holidays was over 2 weeks ago and that again clocked in the start of a mundane uni life. Along with that, the degree of stress has also heightened. You see, my quiet holiday plan and my intention to just relax and study sorta fell short of the target.

The first week of the break kicked off with the Uni Conception Day, but the rain just dampened what was supposed to be a boisterious event with loud live bands and madding drunk students partying like nobody's business. But at night, when the party-goers dispersed or had already KO, we had our own celebration at DLC, with Barcadi as the main menu. Hui Hoong tasted the first drop of alcohol in her life and after that kept gulping down shots after shots when we were not looking. During the first week, I also went out a few times to the city and occuppied myself with anime and Diablo II.

Guilt dawned at the beginnig of the second week, and I began doing some revisons. Huih, Leey and Kah Wai went to Melbourne, so no more distractions, I thought. That whole week could be devoted to studies. Almost at the end of the week, when I still had a lot of unfinished works (i am a terrible procrastinator), Hui Hoong told me about the 2-Day trip to Canberra, together with Han Wei, Susan and Arnold. So studies were shoved aside, and to Canberra we went!

Image Hosted by

Based on testimonials from so many people, I pictured Canberra to be a boring place, and I had in my mind something similar to Putrajaya - rigid and routine and inhabited by sombre black-donning government servants. Well, still true to certain extent, the city is nothing like the bustling Sydney. However, luck was on our side as the Friday we arrived was late night shopping for the Australian Capital Territory. We checked in at Rex Hotel, which is a pretty good hotel equipped with a pool and sauna. That day we visited the Parliament House and the Australian National University. After nightfall we loitered around the city, which was still quite alive. We walked back to our hotel (it was a 20 mins walk) and the gals went straight to the room while us guys played several games of pool. Then, Han Wei and I decided to try out the sauna since we had paid for it anyway. Fun!

The next day, after lunch at Dickson (Canberra's Chinatown), we headed to the Commonwealth Park for the Canberra's annual flower festival, Floriade, which was actually what lured me to come this far. My expectation was high, but it didn't dissapoint. A pageantry of colourful tulip beds, with accompanying music according to their themes, was truly a sight to behold. First time in my life I've seen so much flower. After that we walked around the Captain Cook Memorial Jet, which was just a stone's throw away. We hired canoes and rowed around it. It was really super fun and I would say was the highlight the trip, nevermind our soaked clothes after rowing through the water spray several times. This is my first time canoeing, and at first it was quite unnnerving when the canoe tilted occasionally. But at the end we were still safe and unscathed, although we still couldn't figure out how to row straight, not zig-zag. Hehehe. Then, we were off to the Telstra Tower. Nothing much there, except we got to see the whole Canberra city from there.

Well, that concluded my trip to Canberra as well as the mid term study break. It was overall a time well spent, especially the trip to Canberra which managed to liven up my otherwise boring holiday. Although only for two days, it was indeed a vacation to remember!

My flight back to Malaysia is at the 5th of December, really can't wait to be home.

Oh yeah, some photos are already up in my flickr account (link at the sidebar). I have also added the link to Steve's blog. Yup, you heard that right. Steve's got a blog! Ahahaah. Till then, peace out!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I don't do this often but isn't blog a place for self-aggrandizement?

Ahhh, it hasn't occured to me for such a long time that I forgot how it tasted like. When was the last time I was betrayed by a friend? Must be in earlier in my secondary school years. Back then, I was too innocent to even realize that it happened. But thanks to a couple of my good friends, who stood by me and shook me to the reality. Probably that experience had made me more cautious, which explains why it hasn't happened for quite awhile now.

You sure have the temerity but it certainly is a bad choice. No, it is not that the situation manage to beleaguer me or ruin my day. But I am not a nice guy. I probably would not react if this happened in Form 1 or 2, but after all those edifying years, let's just say the matter at hand will be addressed accordingly.

Sidenote: Does religion make one a better person? I have known too many a fealty fool who are nothing but pain in the neck to answer the question with a resounding yes. Religion and intelligence must come in constellation, IMHO.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Short dedication

Dear Father and Mother,

You guys are the most amazing people.

Thank you very much.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tests over!!

Finally the microeconomics test is over and this officially marks the start of the mid sem break (although there is still a lecture tomorrow). Tomorrow is also the uni conception day, so all the fun has finally started. Daniel's birthday is today and our plan to hang out a Unibar ended up in dissapointment. Unibar closed when we got there at about 10.30pm! Can't believe it, considering today is supposed to be a 'warming up' day for tomorrow's conception day.

I am probably not going anywhere for this holiday though. Due to budget constraint and other factors, I have declined to join Hui Hoong, Lee Yoong and Kah Wai to Melbourne. Maybe I will go to Gold Coast instead with the Chi Muiz, but it all depends. So I am looking forward to a laid-back holiday, where I can take everything at the slowest pace. It is also a crucial time to catch up with my studies, particularly acst 211- Combinatorial Probability.

So that's it folks. This holiday is the time for me to re-organize my chaotic life. There is also some problem regarding college fees that I need to take care of. But don't worry Mom, it will all turn out be be fine, I am sure.

I will also post my long overdue pictures tomorrow, when I have fixed my phone line because I need a dailup to do that.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Merdeka Rhapsody

Tanggal tiga puluh satu,
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh,
Merdeka merdeka tetaplah merdeka,
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah!

Ya tuan tuan and puan puan, hari ini merupakan tarikh yang bersejarah bagi Malaysia, yakni Hari Kemerdekaan. Empat puluh lapan tahun dahulu, pada seluruh rakyat negara kita meraikan kebebasan mereka dari cengkaman penjajah. Semenjak itu, laungan merdeka bergema sehinnga ke hari ini.

Oleh itu, untuk meraikan hari bersejarah ini, beta menbawakan edisi khas blog dalam bahasa ibunda. Sebenarnya Bahasa Melayu beta bukanlah teruk sangat. Beberpa tahun dahulu beta sangatt fasih. Ketika UPSR, beta dapat A dalam Bahasa Melayu. Begitu juga dalam PMR. Dalam SPM beta dapat A1. Handal tak? Tapi walaupun dapat A1, tak bermakna BM semestinya bagus. Ini merupakan fakta yang tidak boleh dinafikan. Tak percaya? Tanya rakan rakan beta. Heheheh!

Akan tetapi BM beta sudah mengalami deteriorasi semenjak beta meninggalkan sekolah menegah. Ini kerana beta jarang bertutur dalam bahasa melayu. Antara waktu-waktu beta bertutur dalam BM ialah ketika berchatting dengan sahabat beta, CQ dalam msn. Itupun percakapan sampah dan carut-mencarut. Sebab itulah BM beta sedemikian rupa dewasa ini. Nak taip dalam BM pun terasa susah.

Berbalik kepada tema hari ini yakni kemerdekaan. Sesungguhnya kita sudah jauh berjalan. Dari masa anjing-anjing Parameswara ditendang oleh kancil, sehinggalah hari ini, negara kita telah melalui banyak liku-liku. Kini, Malaysia sudah moden dan aman. Rakyatnya hidup dalam harmoni, berdiri atas satu kata, duduk di bawah bumbung yang sama. Sebenarnya beta bukanlah seorang yang amat patriotik, tapi itulah sebabnya beta sukakan Malaysia. Negara Australia memang tidak boleh dibandingkan degan Malaysia. Malaysia memang lebih baik dalam banyak segi. Oleh itu, beta juga kurang faham kenapa banyak orang yang berhajat untuk menjadi PR di sini apabila tamat universiti. Apa yang baik sangat? Bak kata pepatah, hujan emas di negara orang, tapi hujan batu di negara sendiri lebih baik. Sesungguhnya di negara sendiri, kita akan berasa bebas, bukan ditindas. Macam mat salleh kata, ada sense of security. Ataupun somewhere we belong.

Pertama kali menyambut Merdeka di negara asing memang ganjil rasanya. Tiada bunga api, tiada program programMerdeka Special di televisyen. Beta faham bahawa merdeka bukan hanya bermakna bunga api dan lain lain, tapi seperti beta katakan, beta memang kurang patriotik dari segi ini. Tapi sewaktu beta belajar di UiTM Shah Alam, beta berkesempatan untuk menyambut merdeka beramai ramai di stadium. Perdana Menteri pun datang. Pada masa itu, semua orang, termasuk beta sangat hyper, bersorak sorakan. Mungkin itulah semagat merdeka. Memang pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan.

Ahad ini ada Malaysian Festival di Darling Harbour. Mungkin beta akan berangkat pergi menjenguk-jenguk. Mungkin ada makanan Malaysia yang amat dirindui.

Akhir kata, selamat ulang tahun kepada negaraku yang tercinta. Semoga mu panjang umur, sihat walafiat. Sekian saja edisi khas bahasa melayu untuk kali ini, selamat meyambut hari kebangsaan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Semester, new vigour!

So the second semester at uni has long started. 5 units a semester is indeed sufflocating. Currently I am taking Marcoeconomics, Calculus and Algebra, Accounting, Techniques and Elements of Finanace, and finally Combinatorial Probabilities. This semester is definitely a more strenuous one compared to last semester. I managed to survive last semester by taking everything lightly, but this time around I need to be more nerdy and kiasu. Which explains why I dont blog than often. I need to allocate some time for my 'social activities' too, ya know!

Last week was a gathering at Encik Zainal's house. He is the Malaysian consul and taking care of us sponsored students is one of his resposibilities. A very nice man. Truth be told, I have never met someone in the goverement's high echelon who has his humility. The gathering was more like an informal one, where everybody just sat and chatted away. His house is a cosy one, and quite spacious. The interior of the residence has been 'Melayu-nized', complete with Malaysian decor and tikar getah (as opposed to carpets, which is a trait in all the houses here). The food was so yummy - sambal belacan, ayam goreng, curry, ikan masin, etc. After Encik Zainal's house, Leey, Huih and I dropped by at CQ's house before going back to Macquarie.

Oh yeah, before the gathering there was Xmas in winter dinner celebration here at RMC. It is a culture here to celebrate Christmas at this time of the year, when it is winter. The food was okay, and it is still a welcome break from our normal meals. Speaking of meals, RMC food has recently reached its peak of deterioration. Utterly unbearable! Crappy food all the time. Besides, the menu is now repeating every week. Last time it was fortnighly! And they leave out all those nice food from the menu. Sigh, obviously those stingy admin people has reduced the budget for food.

Yesterday, we had a pre-celebration of Henry's birthday at Insadong, a Korean restaurant. Really good food and strongly recommended. If u any of you guys come to visit me, I will bring you there. Hehe. After that, I visited the chi mui's new abode. As I have described before, it was a luxurious place, and now it has been 'entertainized' as Ai Ling described it. DDR was damn fun! Forget about doing cardio at the gym, this is a better way to burn that calories. Hahahah! Thanks chi muiz for the awesome steam boat dinner. God knows what crappy food we would have eaten at RMC.

I attended judo practice last tuesday and it was all fun. So, I am planning to take up the lesson every tuesday. ASSOC Ice-skating social was a blast! Wohoo! The skates were so hard and uncomfortable but everybody had a great time. Hehe!

Today is also Christine Goh Shze Wei's birthday. I dont think she'll be reading this, but happy birthday anyway!

Friday, July 29, 2005


I know, I've dissappered for a while. Holidays what... Had been going out everyday since the start until about last week or so. I have applied for jobs at various places in Macquarie Centre but still no news from any of them. Must stay news is good news. Kekeke!Everything happpens for a good reason, I believe. This is what my mother always tells me and shes will be damn pround if she hears this. Muahaahah. Anyway, here's what I did during the holidays:

-To celebrate the end of exams, went to watch 2 movies with the ci muiz, CW and Henry.

-Had buffet dinner at Garden restaurant with Honkey buddies to clelebrate the end of exam. Then, went to karaoke with my ci muiz and Chong Wen. Missed the last bus, so stayed in city until the next morning.

-Went to the Rocks pancake with the ci muiz. Damn nice. Highly recomended orders: Devil's delight pancake and the pork ribs.

-Helped the ci muiz moving to their new luxurious house. Expecting a housewarming party soon, kekeke!

-Norwind called on her last day in Sydney. Wut the...she said she'd been trying to call me many times since she came but couldn't get me. So I went to the city to met her.

-Went to the city again with Henry to meet with Ray and HL for the movie Initial D. Then met up with CQ, Tina and Saiful. Saiful has fully taken in the aussie culture. His Billabong cap is a testament to that. Hahaah.

-Chang Yang came. First day, went to Chinatown and the opera house. Second day, went to Taronga Zoo. The next day CY and CQ came to Macquarie, then we were off to the city again. Introduced CY to Passionflower Ice Cream.The next day, we went to the fish market for lunch, then we hanged around Darling Harbour for awhile, where CY did lotsa smart investments. HAhaah. Then we literally walked across the Harbour Bridge, cuz CY wanted to do it. We then bid farewell cuz CY would return to Melbourne the next day. We then went our seperate ways. I was walking to the QVB when I realized CY's stuff were still in my bag. Called CY and he was on the bus already. Called CQ and he said CY lost his camera. Wut the...panick panick. But we were finally united at Circular Quay again, CY explained he only lost the camera casing. Sigh, false alarm nia, tak guna betol. KEkekee!

- Gathering of the Perlis kia, consisting of myself, Tiffany, Ah Moi and Ah Kay. Also present was Richard, a Johorean. On the first day, we went to Manly Beach. Took a ferry there. At Manly, I tasted the best fish and ships ever. Ahh, so damn good. Then we took ferry back to Circular Quay, then bus to Bondi Juction. Tiff damn happy cuz she can shop. Then we headed to Bondi Beach after sunset. Like siao kias, we played at the beach at the cold winter night until our pants got all soaked. Ah Moi, Ah Kay and Tiff even had to buy new sandals cuz they carelessly placed their shoes where the waves could reach. Ahahahah. Because Tiff damn geram, we swore to come back the next day to play all out. So the next day, all fun and sun (only ogt abit of sun lah, actually) at Bondi beach again. After we were all satisfied, we headed to Watson's Bay. It was a really breathtaking place. We had dinner at Makoto, a highly reputable sushi bar at Sydney. Its expensive, but the taste was really unrivalled. Highly recommended. After that, went to watch Bewitched.

-Keita had been pestering me non-stop to go to Temasek, a Malaysian/ Singaporean restaurant at Paramatta. So me, DD, Henry, and Keita wnet there for a super hearty lunch. We tucked in like nobody's business. SOme of our orders: Oyster Omelette, Beef rendang, Kangkung belacan, and Assam Prawn with Chicken Rice. Truly authentic. But Keita got sick a few days after and he still insists that it was caused by this meal. Hahaha. Poor him, its been nearly two weeks now and he's still ill.

-Went with Korean and Japanese buddies to Eastwood for a Korean dinner. Yummy. Keita got drunk. Ahahahah.

- Went out with Francis. Actually to get the sticker for our working permits. Hanged around the city for awhile. Went to Starbucks to kill time when it unexpectedly rained.

-HL and Ray came to visit Macquarie. Showed them around and follwed them back to their house. Stayed overnight. Then the next day together with CQ, we watched Fantastic Four. Jessica Alba is hot as ever.

-Went to Bondi Junction with CQ and HL. Just lepak around, having fun. But made an important discovery. The Westfield there had a really good Chinese food court.

Well, that's all about it. I have uploaded some of the pictures at my flickr account. Look under "Links". And of course, I have watched a lot animes and movies. I also registered for the gym and have been hitting the gym about 3 times a week. Must stay healthy. Did I mentioned, I have quit instant noodles? Ahahaha! Doing nothing lately except gaming and spending time with college buddies. If Kean and Killer Bee didn't cancel their trip, my holidays would be even more eventful. If you are reading this, my penthouse is still waitng for your inspection. Hahaha! Oh, more people are coming back very soon. Can't wait for uni to start!

**Pardon the selamba language. What the hell...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I need a break

This may be the last post until next month as exam starts on Wednesday.

While reading last week's issue of the fortnighly RMC newsletter, The Voice, a section called "Tell it like it is RMC" caught my attention. Here, a resident complained:


Okay, I must say I see where this is coming from and I understand that person's feeling. But I personally feel this is a bit too much. Before yelling aloud, why don't you put yourself in another person's shoes first? Use your brain. The person has this stomach ache and needs to shit. You seriously expect him to wait until you have had your own damn sweet moment inside the shower stall? That's ridiculous. When you gotta go, you gotta go, you know?

That person who complained spoke as though the people around were being inconsiderate by shitting when he/she was in the shower. But who are being inconsiderate and unfeeling here? Considerateness has to be in both ways. Just accept this as part and parcel of livng in a college with communal bathrooms. Otherwise go stay at that suckass DLC instead.

A different situation, perhaps, but this reminds me of the time when I stayed in an apartment. Extended from the balcony of our unit are the drying lines. The balconies are all on top of each other and the units above us also have their drying lines extended from their balconies. My housemates always got mad and agitated when the wet laundry from above dripped down to their laundry. Sometimes they went to the extend of reprimanding the people staying above. I personally feel that they were a little overeacting. I mean come on, we are living in an apartment and just accept this harsh fact. Also accept the fact that wet laundry drips no matter what if you hand wash.

Don't forget that considerateness has to be in both ways.

disclaimer: The post is not meant to insult any person in any way. It is purely what I feel about the situation.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Still alive

Wow, it's been 3 months. The end of the first semester is near, and that also means the final exams are looming. RMC End of Semester Formal Dinner will be held later at 6.00p.m, an event to conclude this sem. My experience in RMC so far has been wonderful, and the residents here are truly amazing. This is where you can find a Japanese speaking like a Malaysian, tagging the natural lah as he speaks. Oh, not to forget an Australian who swears in Cantonese. Having stayed here for three months now, I must say this college isn't that peaceful as it seemed to be at first. Hehehe! Naturally, you will there about all the stuff that's happening at the background, the underbelly so to speak. If you mix with the correct people, you hear stories. But there are also a handful that unfold just right in front of you. Life is really like a watered-down version of The OC. Although the sea seems calm at the surface, there is no telling whether it is also calm underneath. Great undercurrent might be at work, ya know! But in the end, that's wut that makes life so interesting. Won't u get sick if life is all saccharine sweet?

A number of my friends will be leaving RMC next semester. This is a bit sad because our friendship is still quite raw andI really don't know if it can grow deeper if the future. Hope can still meet up with them.

Many things have happened since my last post. I am just too lazy to recollect everything. But you can find some pictures taken during RMC International Dinner Night and so on in my flickr account.

I have been eating instant noodles a lot in this three months. So, I feel I have the authority to announce that the Greatest Ever Instant Noodle goes to the Nissin range! Noodles are judged based on their afordabilty, texture, quality and oomph! A must-try flavour is laksa. Beats the stupid Maggi asam laksa in Malaysia anytime.

Allright, it's almost time. Need to get ready. I will upload the pictures taken tonight later. Ciaoz.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Baby!

As some of you have probably noticed, the countdown clock at the right has long reached zero. Yup, holidays were over last week, and throughout the holidays, I must say I have done nothing productive. Life was never better. Hehe. But now, I am back to the monotony of university life. Life as usual, sawamped by assignments. Nothing intesting, no nothing.

Perhaps, as a consolation, recently I have been spotting and ogling at this beautiful, sexy Babe. Cheok Quen once said that Sydney was a land devoid of hot chicks, and as he put it, the women here were "built like Barbarians". But that's because he didn't look hard enough. This beautiful, sexy Babe is a testament to his misconception. I am so inspired by this sexy, beautiful Babe that I decided, with my half-baked skills, to write a poem.

You're the most beautiful thing,
with a body most amazing,
Your skin glistens in pearly sheen,
Your grace, captivating, unassuming.

But we are too far apart,
Wish I could have your every part,
But I know for the start,
that I can only keep you in my heart.

God, does my poem suck! Totally doesn't do any justice to the sexy, beautiful Babe. Ah, doesn't matter. I will just post her picture then, a true representation of her. Be mesmerised, people!


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Isn't she just so sexy and beautiful?

Friday, April 29, 2005


Ever felt so boh mood to do anything, and when you are pondering about what do to, blogging just temptingly comes to your mind? Well, it's 8.45am now and I haven't slept yet. I just came back form a jog and I ate breakfast, which I rarely do during holidays. And I am still boh mood to sleep and in my mind, blogging is THE thing to do, the desire even overpowers that of anime or DotA. Hmmn...desire alone aint enough, I need a topic, dammit!

Ok, today I am going to talk about the dialect I dearly miss, Hokkien. Hokkien wa is a tongue I most commonly use, when I am at home or when hanging out with friends. As a matter of fact, most of the people I am close to know this wonderful dialect. Without a doubt, Hokkien is part of my life and without it, I feel incomplete and handicapped, like now. I have to admit I did not exactly realize that it encompasses such a huge part of mylife until I am in this land where the dialect is almost unheard of. When speaking other languages, the very essence of speech is gone, and whatever spoken seems to lack something, like sincerity or credulity. And don't get me started about people who try so so so hard to imitate the native speakers here. One word - travesty. NowI feel the urge to use Hokkien even to a couple of my friends here, whom I would normally 'speaking' to. Hehehe, I am so desperate lah.

Now, with the emergance of Hokkien Blog and after reading TV Smith's The Hokkiens, I miss Hokkien wa even more. I am not TV's fan, but that article sort of hit me right at the cord. Ahh, nostalgia.

I recall an occasion during the meeting with Pak Lah in Sydey. While I was having the gastronomical pleasure over the deserts, I met three Penangites and we started talking in Hokkien immediately after we found out all of us could speak in Hokkien! Ahh, the comfort that I hadn't felt for so long. So we reached a state which I would like to call, speech zen, where I could just talk so so naturally without stopping.

On another ocassion, a friend from China told me I look like the people from Fujian. I was about to tell her I was not related to anyone from that part of China when it struck me that Hokkien Langs actually come from Fujian. Hmmn, now only I know that Hokkiens do have some similarites in their looks. But I am happy to know lah, that they are all good-looking like me. Yay!! Hokkien rules!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Weeeee!! Ah, something that I have been looking forward to has started. It is the period when my productivity mode is set to the lowest, and for the past few days I have been sleeping a lot. Oh, did I mention how I watched the 50-episode Full Metal Alchemist in just 2 days? Ahh, I never feel better. Muahahaha. Anyway, now it's the time to report what I did since the last post. Let's see..

On April 8th, the PM, Abdullah Badawi was in Sydney for a diplomatic visit and all govenment sponsored students were required to attend a dinner-cum-meeting with the PM. Besides sponsored students, members of the Malaysian Student Association from the universities in Sydney were also invited. So motivated my the prospect of having dinner at Shangri La Hotel as well as the spirit of patriotism (ehem), we geared up in our formal attires and headed to the bus station. Ahh, did we look like a platoon of immaculate excutives heading to a place of great importance! Also, Hui hoong looks really nice in her new Kebaya, bought at Jusco. Hahaha.

As expected, Shangri La hotel was thronged by for all formally-clad guests, most of whom were students. We had to queue at registration, where we later got 10 bucks each for transportation subsidy. Hmm, not bad. That means we actually profited about 2 bucks, as the bus fare costed less than 8 dollars to and fro. Wohoo! But we became even more elated upon seeing the array of food! My stomach was grinding for hours already, so I just grabbed the food without the care of the world. It was a bit of a dissapointment, as I was expecting ala-Malayisan food, but what the heck, I tucked them all in. The food was also nothing laudable, but definitely better than those at college! Then it's time for desert! I took some time to ogle at the vast selection before helping myself, then going for second and third helping! I would go for the forth if we were not informed that we had to gather in a room as the session would begin...


All the seats were full when were arrived at that room, so the bunch of us just stood at the back while waitng for the PM to arrive. Pak Lah, with a few ministers finally made the grand entrance and out of the blue, the crowing start shooting the ministers! Hahaha, with camera lah. I also took a few snaps, then shook hand with the ministers as they passed by. After the ministers had settled down, berkumandanglah lagu patriotik di udara, sementara para hadirin menyanyi dengan semangat yang kental bagaikan pelajar Malaysia yang belajar di perantauan. Ahh, dont you just feel more patriotic when you're not at your home country?

Then, the Pak Lah gave his speech, urging us to work on our competitiviness, which I think is also timely. Other than the usual stuff that we hear over and over again, at least this is something that we can relate to. After all, the words from a man who runs a country shall not be taken lightly at all. After that came the question and answer session and there were a lot of eager people throwing questions one after another. Some of them were well-thought and acceptable, while some I just couldn't help to feel that they were just asking for fun or just wanting to show that they are "concerned" about the issues. But all questions were satisfyingly answered, in my opinion, no finger-pointing and dodginig, a favourite among many an important figures I know. When the event was about to end, there were still many enthusiatic hands raised in the air for a chance to bombard the poor Pak Lah with questions, but Pak Lah just keep on entertaining without any sign of impatience. I would be damn pissed I tell, ya! They knew that the event was going to end already, but they still won't let him go.

The event did finally end and, we thought it would be nice if we pay a visit The Rocks for its famous pancake as we were in the area. So, we walked towards the place, and then we thought it would be a good idea to checkwhat time the last bus to Macquarie Centre was. Then manatau so suay there won't be anymore bus, and at that time we were already in Circular Quay. When we decided to go to the bus stop at Wynyard to check if there were still any busses. On the way to Wynyard we got seperated, which took us a few phonecalls and some time wandering to be reunited. Sigh...But we were grateful as we could find a bus in Wynyard, but by the time we reach there, we were already so taxed we didnt mind sitting on the floor with our formal attire. We just couldn't care anymore about the grace and the high-flying corporates images that we previously carried. In the end, I was back in my room feeling hungrier than I was before the dinner. Huhuhu

I have posted the pictures to this page : . This is where I upload my pictures, so check it out if you haven't. I have also posted some pictures I took during the cool RMC Masquarade which took place about 2 weeks ago.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


note : this post has been editted and i apologize for the rampant errors. no time to proofread mah. There should be less errors now. Eheheh. Komendasai!

Last week, I was innocently pulled into an event what was probably the best thing yet occuring to me in this land of Billabong and Roxy.

I first got a call from Lee Yoong, asking me to join her to a retreat organized by the Buddhist society of UNSW at Hwa Tsang Monastery for three days during the Easter holidays. I didnt give her my word at first, as three days was quite intimidating. Hahaa. Staying over for nights is not exactly my thing. And to live a life as a monk?Me?? But to make long story short, I finally agreed to follow Lee Yoong, Hui Hoong, Sheng Chieh and Han Wei to something that I first took with an air of uncertainty.

We arrived at the monastery after taking a bus and a train. The beautiful place immediately made my feel more at ease. It was peaceful, disturbed only by the flock of lorikeets feeding on a tree. We were then told about the theme of the retreat, which was Compassion and Forgiveness and were briefed shortly about the place. Basically we had to all shut the hell up when we were there, or being 'mindful' as they called it. Then, we were served with lunch.They were simple vegetarian diets, but no words can describe how satisfyting they were. And the best part was, undoubtedly, indisputably, the main course, which is this!


Cut chillies in light soy sauce, ahhh ambrosia! Just like the one I always had at home. It would be even nicer if chopped garlics are added in, but I am asking too much, am I? Of couse, we did something else doing the retreat, not only eat. Every night, after the evening chanting, we had to get our butts to the beds, which were nothing but platforms made of wood at 9.00pm! Then we had to wake up at 4.00a.m and got ready for the morning chanting and meditation. Speaking about meditation, I slept throught all the sessions. How can I help it? During meditation, we were instructed to set aside all thoughts, sit in a comfortable position (they provided cushion and blanket, as it was cold) and concentrate on our breathing. Hahaha, it was impossible for me, especially when I was just out of my bed. But the consolation was breakfast! Usually it's stir-fried noodles and porridge. Yummy! We normally went for second to third helping. Then, other activities took place such as Dharma talk and discussion. The medium used in this monastery everyday is actually mandarin, but our Sifu (yes, i also thought it sounded like in kungfu films) who is a nun from Malacca, spoke to us in English. Other activities included working bee and cleaning up the temple, but they always had rewards! Lunch and dinner! As usual, we would not leave the dining area before going for a second or third helping. On the last day, we woke up as as early as usual and went for the morning chanting and meditation. That day was quite an important day for the monastey as they will be carrying out the ritual for Kuan Yin's (aka. Goddness of Mercy aka. Boddhisattva Avalokiteshvara) birthday! We helped to arrange the table and to prepare for the occasion. Around 10am, the quiet monastery was transformed to a marketplace, as visitors all poured in. Then, the special chanting session began! I swear it took about two hours, and I really couldnt believe it that I actually managed to go through it. Moreover, all the chantings were in Mandarin and all I did was reciting from the book, without knowing what it all meant. However, some parts were translated.

After the long chanting, of course all prayers were rewarded with good food. Then, we all gathered outside the Abbot's residence for his speech. He had also spoken to us prevoiusly on Compassion and Forgiveness. I totally look up to this wise and witty monk. His speech was all carefully worded, and the messages that were sent across truly signified his wisdom. After the parting speech, we left the place with heavy heart, and we promised we would go there again if given the oppurtunity.

So do I really learn to live a simple and peaceful life as monks do after the camp? Hmmn. Lets see..I ate voraciously, more than the amount to just keep me satiated and I slept during meditation. So I would be lying if I said yes. However, the experience, the teachings that I have picked up, the new people I have met, and not to mention the heavenly food were something very precious and I am immensely grateful to be given this oppurtunity.

Friday, April 01, 2005

It's been awhile (2)

Then, we headed for the Chinatown, then Opera House. I must say going to a city at night was quite a new expereince. And the Opera House looked much prettier than daytime! We took plenty of photos and I have uploaded some of them here. Come midnight, we lit the candle on the cake which we had secretly bought in Chinatown and surprised Cheok Quen. He said he was totally oblivous of us quietly planning while we were all walking together! Hahaha, our stealth is phenomenal! So that night, with much gusto, camaraderie and warm companionship, six friends concluded their week in the city flared with luminous neons and beside the dark, windy sea with the waves crasing on the pier, they celebrated an event so memorable and mementous. Hahahaha, puke at the last sentence.

It's been awhile

Yes, I know. But I am not procrastinating. I am just very busy. Hahaha. Its weekend now and I have some time to spend. There are so many things that have happened for the past few weeks, all deeply burried at the labyrinth somewhere inside my cranium. Nevertheless, I will try to dig them out for your amusement's purpose! Hahaha!

On Sunday, the 13th of March, all JPA scholars around NSW had to gather at the Malaysian Hall to greet and meet the minister of higher education. Cheok Quen, Raymond and Heng Liang had also just moved in ot their new home ( they stayed temporarily at the Malaysian Hall before that), so we were, of course automatically invited to their new abode. So we planned our trip to the city so that we canstay over that their place ofter the meeting at Malaysian Hall. Coincidentally too, Monday would be Cheok Quen's Birthday! It was a trip with three-pronged purpose, it would definitely be more than worthwhile!

We set up for the Malaysian Hall early in the morning and met a group of other sponsored Malaysian students at the University bustand. Then off we went!

The Malaysian Hall was already crowded when we arrived! It was completely packed, and never have I thought that there would be some many sponsored students! And that was only for the NSW area. How about the ones from other parts of Australia like Melbourne and Adelaide who were not there? We were given a subsidy for transportation of 10 dollars when we registered, but what we paid was actually slightly more than that. But it's money, nevertheless. Hahaha. Cheok Quen, Raymond and Heng Liang met us there, and we left for their house after a free lunch at the Malaysian Hall.

Their house was preety good, with a spacious living room. But maybe it was not filled with furniture and appliances yet. We wnt out for a dinner at a chinese restaurant and it was very good! It reminded me of food at home, as the food was like the chinese food in Malaysia. It was very reasonable too, and of course we ate until stuffed.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

[ Ass ] ignment

Due to my prcrastinating behaviour, I now have tons of work to do. I have just completed my C++ assignments and there is one statistics assignment to go. Besides, the macroeconomics textbook needs to be perused. So much work, and it's already the end of the weekend.

I am too lazy to recollect what happened for the past few days (weeks?), given such massive workload quandary. But I need to tell everyone I am fine here. The hostel I am staying in is great and homely, so I really hope I can stay here until the end. Dinner gets a little repetitive, it's always either potatoes or rice plus a couple of condiments. Lunch is better and there are more variety. Kebabs, fish and chips, pies, and barbacue to name a few.

Well, since I am lazy to think, I will just describe the situation over here. It is now autumn and the whether is getting cold. I now wear a jacket to go out. Leaves have started to turn yellow and they are all over the place. The path from my college to the university stretches across an expanse of green grass that is now partially blanketed by the fallen leaves. Breathtaking.

There are many kind of birds here. Parrots abound and there are many types as well. The common ones are silver-crested cockatoo, galah and lorikeet. They are very pretty birds, although the cockatoos make a hell of noise. There are magpies, and they are known to attack people during their breeding season as they become protective. Cranes can also be spotted at random. Some are also emus in the forest beside my university. I chanced upon a couple of wallabies there as well! In the city, especially for areas by th sea the Australian silver seagulls are in adundance. Try throwing a piece of bread and a flock of them will be fighting for it! Bird droppings are everywhere!

Alritee, I think I have enough break. Time to work!

I will post photos soon!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mardi Gras

On Saturday 5th of March evening, people from all strata of society flocked to the city of Sydney for a very interesting event. Yup, it's the 2005 Sydney Mardi Gras! For those who are unfamiliar, Mardi Gras is an festival staged by the LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders) and also a demonstration of freedom and equal treatment. We (Lee Yoong, Hui Hoong and I) had no plan for that weekend, so we took the opportunity to experience the parade held that night. It would also be our first visit to the city at night.

As planned, we gathered t 5.00 pm to take the bus to Queen Victoria Building (QVB). There was a group of people I had not met before, but we later got acquainted. We arrived at QVB after 45 minutes of bus ride. After the delay caused by some confusion over the place to dine (which is a norm if you go out in group) we walked to Chinatown to have dinner. Yeah, Chinese food finally! So we began to scan the menu for spicy food! It was a hearty meal, but definitely not a match to the food at home.

It was about 7.45pm when we got to Oxford Street, the place where the parade would begin. We had to stand at the back because the roadsides were all packed to the brim. Some even resorted to climbing trees to get better view! Then the parade started!

The parade kicked off with paraders carrying the flags of countries that condemn homosexuality and such. Yes, I could spot the Malaysian flag amongst them! Then, more and more contingents emerged, all with different style and theme. The themes were witty, often associated with the organization they represented, but some featured mundane issues such as AIDS and the environment. Bright, ornate floats, scantily-clad paraders with their well-choreographed moves (but some just went about having fun), and the excited crowd transformed the street to a sea of colours. Towards the end, the sky was illuminated with the glitter of fireworks, but most people (myslef included) were just too busy watching the parade. The Mardi Gras parade came to a closure after the last contingent marched past. All the pomp and gaiety subsided, but love was in the air, as homosexual couples in the crowd started kissing. That concluded one of the most fabulous events in Sydney and the experience in the public event is surely not the same as the previous tours around the city. It was a time well spent and trip worth making.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
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Unfortunately, I did not have many good pictures of the event. This was because I stood at the back in the begining (after some jostling, I ended up at the front, but that was almost at the end) and my camera was not good at taking night shots. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Circular Quay

After serious planning and discussion via MSN and the phone with the guys at University of New South Wales(UNSW), we arranged to meet at the Circular Quay. So on Saturday, 27th of Feb Hui Hoong, Lee Yoong and I went to the bus stop at Macquarie Center. To our dismay, the bus would only come about one hour later. To kill time, we went loitering in Macquarie Center. It was a big mall with a confusing layout and I was lost in there once. With my nonexistent sense of direction, I just couldn't find the way out! Anyway, we bought a Travel Ten, which will save each of us about 60 cents every trip to the city by bus. The bus arrived according to schedule and we were off to the Circular Quay!

The Circular Quy was buzzing with activity. Street performers, throngs of tourists and the locals, all contribute a fair share to the atmosphere! The weather was nice, although it was a little cloudy. Well, it is called the Circular Quay because it was kind of circular before the extention of the coastlines took place. Cheok Quen, Heng Liang and Raymond arrived a few minutes after we did. We then walked to the Sydney Opera House and along the way, we could also see the Harbour Bridge stretching majestically some distances away. The Opera House is just a stone's throw away form the quay. Nothing much at the Opera House, actually. Just the feeling of having been to the most famost Australian landmark. I personally feel the Harbour Bridge is more monumental and impressive. But good opportunity to take photos for memory's sake as well as to show off. Heheh

Then, we walked around the botanic garden just beside the Opera House. After the walk, we were all hungry and stopped for some sandwiches. Later, we went to the Muzeum of Contemporary Arts. I know nuts about it ( I am sure the rest are also the same, hehe) but hey, the admission is free! So a platoon of artistic people (us lah!) marched and marvelled at the artworks in display. There were two exhibitions, one by Lee Bul, a Korean artist and Bridget Riley, a British. Lee Bul's works are cool. Most are sculptures of monsters/cyborgs/robots in their horrific state - body parts torn to pieces, missing limbs, you get the idea. As for Riley's her artworks are supposed to reflect the manipulation of colours, but I just don't see it. Haha. For me, everything is just either 'nice' or 'not nice'. After getting enough doses of art, the group of artsy-fartsy people stepped out of the complex. Then, it was time to say goodbye before we returned to our hostels. Cheok Quen and the guys returned to their accomodation at Malaysian Hall. I have just heard from CQ that they have found a house and now in the process of moving out. Hoorah!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Update (1)

So it's been two weeks, and I've finally got time to sit back and recollect. Lets start with my hostel. I stay in Robert Menzies College, which is just a five-minute walk to the university and 45 minutes of bus ride to the city. Here's the address:

Robert Menizes College,
136 Herring Road,
North Ryde,
NSW 2113,

This is a Christian college, but it is filled by students from all religions and races. Hence, alcohol is not allowed, which I feel is a good thing. They provide 3 meals a day here, so I dont have to worry about food. The food here has been good, although I am missing chillies already. What I like most about this place is the people here is really nice. Although many stay here, we almost know each other. The orientation week here started as I arrived. It's an opportunity to get to know people staying here. Due to financial constraint, I did not join some of their activities such as those held at the city, the harbour cruise, and pub crawl. At the last day of orientation, we were all shown the pictures taken throughout the whole week. Man, were the activities crazy! Those worth highlighting were swimming in a fountain at the city, guys shopping for women clothes (most clothes were just too tiny, so they ended up at the maternity section!), and taking nude shots at the beach. Also, at the harbour cruise, those who went had to cross-dress! And all of them took public bus there! I wish I had the chance to experience it. Or maybe not. Eheh.

Anyway, to make up for those, we organized our own orientation to the city. On Wednesday, 23rd of Feb (my third day in Sydney), Lee Yoong, Hui Hoong, Sheng Chieh (a girl from Taylor's College, whom just knew), Han Wei (the guide) and I took a bus at Macquarie Center, the huge shopping mall located just opposite. We got down at Queen Victoria Building (QVB). It's a beautiful shopping mall with old architecture. This type of mall is quite common here, as I soon discovered. From there, it was a walk to Chinatown. Chinatown is not that big, but like the one in Malaysia, you can find pirated CDs here. Heheh. But the pirated CDs here are very carefully made, and their covers are just like the original ones. After eating our packed lunch in a pagoda (it is actually just a shed) , we headed to Darling Harbour. It was quite a long walk, but there are many sights to behold along the way. Darling Harbour was teemed with people, as there are many restaurants and clubs. There were many ships, vessels, sails, and there was even a submarine! It belongs to the Maritime Muzeum, and those who want to get in must pay. But I was contented by just watching from outside. Our next destination was Star City, the casino. It was my first time in a casino and it was a great experience. It was a place where one can quickly get big money and just as quickly, lost them all! After Star City, there was a hiatus as we tired to figure out what to do next. In the end, we just decided to return to our respective hostels for dinner.

I have uploaded some pictures. Sorry folks, I cant upload all of them; it's just too expensive to do so.
For departure pictures, click here
For hostel pictures, click here
For pictures of the first city visit, click here

Next: 2nd Trip to the City and more. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 04, 2005


Definition: A period of reduced economic activity

Economic terms like recession and rapid inflation just can't stop dancing and prancing at the back of my mind. No no no, not because of the macroeconomic lecture yesterday. What I mean is, everything here just screams EXPENSIVE!

Lets start with my Optus Prepaid. It costs 37 cents per 30 seconds. Well, I get 300 minutes of free calls to Optus, but it is still a very high. I have been using it for only a week or so, and my remaining credit is 12 dollars! That's 18 dollars per week! I rarely make any calls and send text messages, so this amonut is gargantuan, unreasonable and insane!

Next, the broadband at my college. Unlike some lucky sods out there who have unlimited access, my college charges 25 dollars for a mere 200MB! To reduce the bandwidth consumption, I sometimes disable "show images" at the Internet Explorer option. Hehe, Chang Yang taught me this. But hey, I am not the only one. Many times when I use the computer at the computer room, the option has already been disabled! So, there are many cheapskates at this college as well. Maybe I had it too easy back at Malaysia with Streamyx, but it is just too costly even at Australian standards. Hell, even wireless here costs less.

Thirdly, textbooks. For this semester alone, their costs amount to 400 dollars! Those bloodthirsty publishers are just too fond of printing new edition each year, so buying used books is not an option for some units. Plus JPA only provides slightly more than 100 dollars per year for book allowance. That can't even cover the cost if I am to buy all second- hand books for one semester.

And finally, everything else. I know I shouldn't convert to Malaysian Ringgit, but I just can't help it at this stage. I missed a number of activities at the orientation just to save some money. I am thinking of getting a part time job in future. The pay in Sydney is decent. Hmm. I can live a more interesting life then. Oh, wait... JPA doesn't allow me to work. Huhuhuhu.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


As promised, this is a SERIOUS update.

After some last-minute packing, we sped to the Alor Star airport to catch the 3.15 plane. The airport is small and old, even the bus station is a more interesting sight. Sigh, this is Alor Star, the city that always clamours about their bandaraya status. I just dun geddit! But I disgress. Teehee! Just to poke fun at Alor Star people. Anyway, the moment at the airport was not really intense, as expected. But 9 months is not really that long. I waved my parents goodbye and got onto the flight. For many years already I haven't been on the plane and I had actually forgotten how it felt like being in a flight. I may sound a little kampung here, but I was really awed when the plane was picking up speed before flying. The speed was breakneck, but safe. The only thing you needed to do was to sit back and enjoy.

Before arriving at KLIA, I felt this acute throbing pain on my forehead that was just unbearable! I tried gulping down the whole bottle of water and shallowing the saliva as much as I could, but the pain was still there! I almost shouted out for help and then, I tried blowing my nose. It worked! Heheh, I forgot my nose got clogged. I arrvied at KLIA after the 50-minute journey.

At KLIA, I was immediately greeted by a friend. It was still early so we ate at KFC. Another friend from KDU treat me! I know free lunch exists! Thanks lots.

The situation at KLIA was similar, there was no emotion whatsoever. I am such a cold-blooded person! But we were all so occupied at that time, so there was really no time to wax sentimental. Heheh. The journey was a pleasant one. Pretty flight attendants, good facilities and the endleess supply of drinks made me proud. The food I ordered was only okay though. However, I just couldn't sleep throughout the whole 8-hour journey. So, we finally arrvied at the Sydey airport. Physically, it was nothing as impressive as KLIA, but the efficiency was remarkable. Said goodbyes to friends who were wating for the transit enroute to Auckland. The Macquarie team met Lee Yoong, Hu Hoong and I at the airport.

The bus took us all to our residential colleges, me to Robert Menzies Colloge, and the girls to Dunmore Lang. Our colleges are just next to each other, so we have met quite often.

So it's already four days since I stepped foot onto Sydney. My days have been quite hectic..with oreintation at the university, at my residential hall, and of course my own orientation. Today, I went to the city with the girls and Han Wei. He is second year this semester. We took a bus to QVB (Queen Victoria Building), then walked to the Chinatown and finally to the Darling Harbour. We also went to Star City, the casino over there. I was taxed with all the walking, but it's well worth it. Interesting sights, it realy feels like Sydney. I will post more updates and pictures soon, okay!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


They say a picture shows a thousand words. You do the math.

Need I say more?

Okay lah. I am lazy lah.

Friday, February 18, 2005


It is not easy to blog when the body is burning, nose clogged and the mind shrouded with the cloud of owowowow. And those bits and pieces of thoughts refuse to form something coherant or string themselves into sentences. This is a test of my determination to blog! Hehehe! Want me to bow down? Fat chance!

I noticed that despite my intention to post serious updates, my previous posts have been nothing but craps. That's so unbecoming of me. I am a very serious and practical person, you know! So guys, I promise more serious entries in future, okay?

As much as I love the countdown clock at the right, it freaks me out at times. 1 Day, 16h 30m 15 s and counting. Am I realy leaving that soon? Why haven't I felt all the jitters? Hmm. What can I say? That I am strong and iron-willed? Emotionless? I choose to believe the first one. Eheheh. Well, the emotions will kick in when the time comes, I guess. But then again, if I don't feel anything now, I wonder if I will feel anything at all. I wonder if I will feel the poignant moment at the airport like Eric did. But truth be told, I do feel a tad bit sad...sad for not feeling sad about leaving!

Eric called yesterday afternoon. Thanks for calling, mate! I suspect I will receive more calls soon. Probably only then I will be overwhelmed with emotions. But we wouldn't know, because I am strong and as tough as nails! Hey, just allow this poor sick soul to boost his self-esteem, will you?

Thursday, February 17, 2005


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When I was young, I always looked forward to the 9th day of the lunar calandar, when the Hokkiens "pai thee kong" (literally translated to "praying the Jade Emperor"). Although I was ignorant about the significance of the whole affair, I had fun helping my parents placing red stickers on the food that would be used as offerings. The offerings may consist of any food, but sugarcane is deemed as a must (there is a story behind this, but I have forgotten). Just imagine the unhealthy amount of sugar the Jade Emperor feasts on every year!

During "Pai Thee Kong", my dad asked me to say prayer for my well-being in Australia. So under the colourful display of fireworks that can rival that of the Merdeka, I prayed.

I pray to be well and happy,
and to meet Australian hot chicks aplenty.
May my family always be healthy,
so that they can always send me money.

I pray for success in education,
just make sure JPA pays without procrastination.
May my journey be safe and snug,
and my overweight luggages, the customs won't bug.

This is a matter of utmost urgency. I just hope the Jade Emperor was hearing and was not high on sugar.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I'm always slow in everything. So Valentine's Day was two days ago. Hmm. What was I doing then? Oh, I remember! I was busy setting up up this blog! But at least it was better than running a risk of contracting some Venereal Disease! Hehehe! You know what I mean. Anyway, here're my VD wishes.

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In another note, today marks the nineth day of the lunar calendar. Come midnight, the Hokkiens (my family included) will set up altars with offerings outside their houses to "pai thee kong". It's almost midnight now and this place is noisy with fireworks. Man, this event is even more significant and celebrative that the highly-commercialised V-Day here. So Happy Pai Thee Kong, all hokkiens!


I was in Penang looking for adaptors so that I can use the Malaysian plugs in Australia. A friend recommended me an electrical shop and here is the direction she gave me via sms:

"From Prangin(near A&W), cross the road, 2 ur left is a road, walk straight till junction, turn right then turn left, walk straight till you see the electrical shop."

So at Prangin's A&W, I crossed the road, followed the road on the left,turn left, turn right, searched for the shop, but it was nowhere to be seen. 10 minutes was wasted. Then I returned to where I started and tried a different ( even longer) route, but it was all in vain. Another 15 minutes wasted. Then, I got a brainwave, which only a bright guy like me could think of. Ask for direction! What a stoke of genius!

I finally arrived at the shop, only to find it was actually less than 5 minutes away from A&W. This proves only one thing. I am a incredibly smart, but my sense of direction doesn't measure up.

My legs are as weak as jelly now, but there's a consolation. I bought Jac's CD! Man, the live version of "Gemilang" is a splendour! I remember watching the Malaysian Idol Final, when Jac put up a spirited rendition of "Gemilang". I couldn't agree more with Paul when he said it was a " spectacular ending to a spectacular competition". This singing sensation will always have my full support! That's why I was willing to fork out MYR 7 for the CD...

Monday, February 14, 2005


After hours of slaving, this blog is finally ready. If you are here for some rabid ranting or incoherent bitching, you have come to a wrong place. Here, you will be served with uninteresing accounts of my life in Australia, all written for the purpose of updating those who care. But most importantly, this blog serves to satisfy my urge to write. So, hopefully I won't be found relentlessly promoting this place for the sake of increasing the readership. Hehehe. I will try to tone down my Terry Pratchett writing style and refrain from being too self-absorbed. It will be a huge challenge. However, with my deficiency of self disipline, I must admit the hugest challenge is to maintain constant updates. I promise I will try. So, I will cut down the time spent on Britney, anime, Neopets, and sleeping. See? I told you my life is uninteresing. Till then, peace out!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

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