Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I was in Penang looking for adaptors so that I can use the Malaysian plugs in Australia. A friend recommended me an electrical shop and here is the direction she gave me via sms:

"From Prangin(near A&W), cross the road, 2 ur left is a road, walk straight till junction, turn right then turn left, walk straight till you see the electrical shop."

So at Prangin's A&W, I crossed the road, followed the road on the left,turn left, turn right, searched for the shop, but it was nowhere to be seen. 10 minutes was wasted. Then I returned to where I started and tried a different ( even longer) route, but it was all in vain. Another 15 minutes wasted. Then, I got a brainwave, which only a bright guy like me could think of. Ask for direction! What a stoke of genius!

I finally arrived at the shop, only to find it was actually less than 5 minutes away from A&W. This proves only one thing. I am a incredibly smart, but my sense of direction doesn't measure up.

My legs are as weak as jelly now, but there's a consolation. I bought Jac's CD! Man, the live version of "Gemilang" is a splendour! I remember watching the Malaysian Idol Final, when Jac put up a spirited rendition of "Gemilang". I couldn't agree more with Paul when he said it was a " spectacular ending to a spectacular competition". This singing sensation will always have my full support! That's why I was willing to fork out MYR 7 for the CD...