Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kena tagged laio, wth

Gee, many thanks Joanne and Heng Liang. Love you guys. Really appreciated.
So if you're wondering why I am so late, it's because I got tests, unlike u bunch of happy people. So here it is.

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
I don’t do things, stupid twisted sicko! And never will. I ONLY do people.

Seven Things I Can Do
Here we go again. I reiterate - I don’t do things even if I can do them!!!

Seven Celebrity Crushes
  1. Britney Jean Spears, but Kevin can eat shit
  2. Jessica Alba
  3. Angelina Jolie
  4. Sarah Tan
  5. Lucy Liu
  6. Hilary Duff. She’s become hot now, k.
  7. None other than the Sand Village’s old hag, Chiyobaa-sama. Wohoo!!
Seven Recent/ Current Books
  1. Da Vinci Code
  2. Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
  3. Mort by Terry Pratchett
  4. Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett
  5. No more, not even textbooks.

Seven Favourite Food

  1. Koay Teow Th’ng
  2. Curry Mee
  3. Tomyam –mom’s, Arowana’s, Helle Berry’s (yes, she makes awesome tomyam if u dunno), and the one frm a restaurant situated by the longkang, run by an obnoxious fat bloke and his fugly gf/wife.
  4. Hot Taiwanese Sausage
  5. Beng Laksa and rojak
  6. Goreng Pisang from the stall in front of SRK Sri Perlis.
  7. Basically any food frm home cuz aussie food sux. Wanna add one more - homemade garam belacan with mangoes! Shit, hafta stop cuz I am salivating.

Seven Random Facts About Me

  1. In total, I have approximately 0.5 million MYR in my bank accounts. So I am actually quite well off.
  2. I don’t click with ugly and stupid people.
  3. I don’t eat fish (conditions apply), prawn and any mollusks. Papaya sux too.
  4. I think bimboes and bitches are cool (also conditions apply).
  5. I have complete collection of Pokemon figurines. I also bought Aaron Kwok CDs.
  6. If I get any animes, mangas, dramas, or series, I have to watch them back to back before finally stopping, no matter how many episodes they have.
  7. Sometimes I like to tell lies. So no.1 is just a bullshit.

Seven People I Want to Tag

  1. Kean the hot biatch, use this as an excuse to update the damn blog.
  2. People at ReCom (except CY) cuz they are kiasu, and obviously have no life.
  3. Jeff Ooi, because I think his site is too boring and needs this to spice it up.
  4. Kenny Sia, cuz I think this thing is at least more original than his posts.
  5. Other world famous bloggers.
  6. Pamela Anderson (wohoo! She won’t say no to hot ppl like me and Joanne)
  7. Basically all desperate people out there. Kekeek! I am not planning to tag the others cuz I am just too kind (also because nearly all the patrons here are tagged already). Kekeke! Just doing my part in putting a halt to this evil.

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