Saturday, September 24, 2005


I don't do this often but isn't blog a place for self-aggrandizement?

Ahhh, it hasn't occured to me for such a long time that I forgot how it tasted like. When was the last time I was betrayed by a friend? Must be in earlier in my secondary school years. Back then, I was too innocent to even realize that it happened. But thanks to a couple of my good friends, who stood by me and shook me to the reality. Probably that experience had made me more cautious, which explains why it hasn't happened for quite awhile now.

You sure have the temerity but it certainly is a bad choice. No, it is not that the situation manage to beleaguer me or ruin my day. But I am not a nice guy. I probably would not react if this happened in Form 1 or 2, but after all those edifying years, let's just say the matter at hand will be addressed accordingly.

Sidenote: Does religion make one a better person? I have known too many a fealty fool who are nothing but pain in the neck to answer the question with a resounding yes. Religion and intelligence must come in constellation, IMHO.


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