Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Semester, new vigour!

So the second semester at uni has long started. 5 units a semester is indeed sufflocating. Currently I am taking Marcoeconomics, Calculus and Algebra, Accounting, Techniques and Elements of Finanace, and finally Combinatorial Probabilities. This semester is definitely a more strenuous one compared to last semester. I managed to survive last semester by taking everything lightly, but this time around I need to be more nerdy and kiasu. Which explains why I dont blog than often. I need to allocate some time for my 'social activities' too, ya know!

Last week was a gathering at Encik Zainal's house. He is the Malaysian consul and taking care of us sponsored students is one of his resposibilities. A very nice man. Truth be told, I have never met someone in the goverement's high echelon who has his humility. The gathering was more like an informal one, where everybody just sat and chatted away. His house is a cosy one, and quite spacious. The interior of the residence has been 'Melayu-nized', complete with Malaysian decor and tikar getah (as opposed to carpets, which is a trait in all the houses here). The food was so yummy - sambal belacan, ayam goreng, curry, ikan masin, etc. After Encik Zainal's house, Leey, Huih and I dropped by at CQ's house before going back to Macquarie.

Oh yeah, before the gathering there was Xmas in winter dinner celebration here at RMC. It is a culture here to celebrate Christmas at this time of the year, when it is winter. The food was okay, and it is still a welcome break from our normal meals. Speaking of meals, RMC food has recently reached its peak of deterioration. Utterly unbearable! Crappy food all the time. Besides, the menu is now repeating every week. Last time it was fortnighly! And they leave out all those nice food from the menu. Sigh, obviously those stingy admin people has reduced the budget for food.

Yesterday, we had a pre-celebration of Henry's birthday at Insadong, a Korean restaurant. Really good food and strongly recommended. If u any of you guys come to visit me, I will bring you there. Hehe. After that, I visited the chi mui's new abode. As I have described before, it was a luxurious place, and now it has been 'entertainized' as Ai Ling described it. DDR was damn fun! Forget about doing cardio at the gym, this is a better way to burn that calories. Hahahah! Thanks chi muiz for the awesome steam boat dinner. God knows what crappy food we would have eaten at RMC.

I attended judo practice last tuesday and it was all fun. So, I am planning to take up the lesson every tuesday. ASSOC Ice-skating social was a blast! Wohoo! The skates were so hard and uncomfortable but everybody had a great time. Hehe!

Today is also Christine Goh Shze Wei's birthday. I dont think she'll be reading this, but happy birthday anyway!

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