Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Baby!

As some of you have probably noticed, the countdown clock at the right has long reached zero. Yup, holidays were over last week, and throughout the holidays, I must say I have done nothing productive. Life was never better. Hehe. But now, I am back to the monotony of university life. Life as usual, sawamped by assignments. Nothing intesting, no nothing.

Perhaps, as a consolation, recently I have been spotting and ogling at this beautiful, sexy Babe. Cheok Quen once said that Sydney was a land devoid of hot chicks, and as he put it, the women here were "built like Barbarians". But that's because he didn't look hard enough. This beautiful, sexy Babe is a testament to his misconception. I am so inspired by this sexy, beautiful Babe that I decided, with my half-baked skills, to write a poem.

You're the most beautiful thing,
with a body most amazing,
Your skin glistens in pearly sheen,
Your grace, captivating, unassuming.

But we are too far apart,
Wish I could have your every part,
But I know for the start,
that I can only keep you in my heart.

God, does my poem suck! Totally doesn't do any justice to the sexy, beautiful Babe. Ah, doesn't matter. I will just post her picture then, a true representation of her. Be mesmerised, people!


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Isn't she just so sexy and beautiful?


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