Friday, April 01, 2005

It's been awhile

Yes, I know. But I am not procrastinating. I am just very busy. Hahaha. Its weekend now and I have some time to spend. There are so many things that have happened for the past few weeks, all deeply burried at the labyrinth somewhere inside my cranium. Nevertheless, I will try to dig them out for your amusement's purpose! Hahaha!

On Sunday, the 13th of March, all JPA scholars around NSW had to gather at the Malaysian Hall to greet and meet the minister of higher education. Cheok Quen, Raymond and Heng Liang had also just moved in ot their new home ( they stayed temporarily at the Malaysian Hall before that), so we were, of course automatically invited to their new abode. So we planned our trip to the city so that we canstay over that their place ofter the meeting at Malaysian Hall. Coincidentally too, Monday would be Cheok Quen's Birthday! It was a trip with three-pronged purpose, it would definitely be more than worthwhile!

We set up for the Malaysian Hall early in the morning and met a group of other sponsored Malaysian students at the University bustand. Then off we went!

The Malaysian Hall was already crowded when we arrived! It was completely packed, and never have I thought that there would be some many sponsored students! And that was only for the NSW area. How about the ones from other parts of Australia like Melbourne and Adelaide who were not there? We were given a subsidy for transportation of 10 dollars when we registered, but what we paid was actually slightly more than that. But it's money, nevertheless. Hahaha. Cheok Quen, Raymond and Heng Liang met us there, and we left for their house after a free lunch at the Malaysian Hall.

Their house was preety good, with a spacious living room. But maybe it was not filled with furniture and appliances yet. We wnt out for a dinner at a chinese restaurant and it was very good! It reminded me of food at home, as the food was like the chinese food in Malaysia. It was very reasonable too, and of course we ate until stuffed.


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