Monday, November 27, 2006

Of Peking duck and MUV

No, it has nothing to do with Viewtru's newly completed, newfangled, highly controversial wuxia epic which I have been reading. Kekeke

It's time to pack up! Boxes suddenly become so precious, especially good quality big ones from Woolworths. I heard Franklin's have better ones, will scout the place soon enough. I have become the official box hunter, a title conferred to me by a friend. Anyways...

These few days post-exam were actually hectic! Kekeek! Went out with some fabulous people (read: my friends) and eat really really good food. Well, this is actually a usual thing after exam every semester, but each time has its moments.

Today, I went with 3 other fabulous people to eat Peking duck! This is particularly interesting because I have never eaten this famous duck dish before, even though I have learnt of its existence a few millennia back. We went to Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant (I think, cant remember the order of the names) which is famous for this dish. At first, we were sitting there in the VIP room wating for a particular fabulous person who was fabulously late for the occasion. But it was well worth it, cuz it was damn good. Strongly recommended, even if you are not a fan of duck ( in this case, I am like you).

For the uninitiated, Peking duck is not your average roast duck. A special breed of duck is reared in a special way for this purpose. A typical Peking duck dish is eaten in two days. Firstly, the skin with some thin later of meat is carved out of the whole roast duck, into several pieces. The snap-happy me took the picture while our private waitress was deftly carving the roast duck.

The crispy pieces of duck skin is then served on a plate, but hold on - it's not ready to be eaten yet (but I really don't mind eating only the skin, cuz it smells so good, kekeke!) It is then wrapped with a thin bread of the size of a saucer, together with spring onion and cucumber. Roll it up, and it's ready to be eaten. Good stuff.

Then, the remaining roast duck was brought back to the kitchen to be stir-fried into a dish of our choice.

Enough about Peking duck :D

I will be moving out of my current accommodation, Robert Menzies College to the new phase of Macquarie University Village. Not only it is more affordable, it is also more luxurious. Because it is damn new, I will be the first to rasmikan my room, how good is that. Here's a sneak peak.

So compared to my current 30-year-old college, MUV will win hands down as far as physical appearance is concerned. Furthermore, I will have a private bathroom, which means no more the frustration of having to share bathroom with more than 10 other people of the same floor. To be honest, I find sharing bathroom is no big deal at all but the irritation comes when someone uses the tap or flushes or comes into shower when I am showering, thereby disrupting my hot-cold water equilibrium.

Plus, college food in RMC is a term that is known to make people shudder and insinuate nausea at times. Well, farewell rice and chicken ("rice and chicken" being the popular euphemism to the mundaneness and tastelessness of college food)!

Damn, I look forward to staying at the new place, can't wait.