Friday, February 18, 2005


It is not easy to blog when the body is burning, nose clogged and the mind shrouded with the cloud of owowowow. And those bits and pieces of thoughts refuse to form something coherant or string themselves into sentences. This is a test of my determination to blog! Hehehe! Want me to bow down? Fat chance!

I noticed that despite my intention to post serious updates, my previous posts have been nothing but craps. That's so unbecoming of me. I am a very serious and practical person, you know! So guys, I promise more serious entries in future, okay?

As much as I love the countdown clock at the right, it freaks me out at times. 1 Day, 16h 30m 15 s and counting. Am I realy leaving that soon? Why haven't I felt all the jitters? Hmm. What can I say? That I am strong and iron-willed? Emotionless? I choose to believe the first one. Eheheh. Well, the emotions will kick in when the time comes, I guess. But then again, if I don't feel anything now, I wonder if I will feel anything at all. I wonder if I will feel the poignant moment at the airport like Eric did. But truth be told, I do feel a tad bit sad...sad for not feeling sad about leaving!

Eric called yesterday afternoon. Thanks for calling, mate! I suspect I will receive more calls soon. Probably only then I will be overwhelmed with emotions. But we wouldn't know, because I am strong and as tough as nails! Hey, just allow this poor sick soul to boost his self-esteem, will you?

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