Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tests over!!

Finally the microeconomics test is over and this officially marks the start of the mid sem break (although there is still a lecture tomorrow). Tomorrow is also the uni conception day, so all the fun has finally started. Daniel's birthday is today and our plan to hang out a Unibar ended up in dissapointment. Unibar closed when we got there at about 10.30pm! Can't believe it, considering today is supposed to be a 'warming up' day for tomorrow's conception day.

I am probably not going anywhere for this holiday though. Due to budget constraint and other factors, I have declined to join Hui Hoong, Lee Yoong and Kah Wai to Melbourne. Maybe I will go to Gold Coast instead with the Chi Muiz, but it all depends. So I am looking forward to a laid-back holiday, where I can take everything at the slowest pace. It is also a crucial time to catch up with my studies, particularly acst 211- Combinatorial Probability.

So that's it folks. This holiday is the time for me to re-organize my chaotic life. There is also some problem regarding college fees that I need to take care of. But don't worry Mom, it will all turn out be be fine, I am sure.

I will also post my long overdue pictures tomorrow, when I have fixed my phone line because I need a dailup to do that.