Thursday, December 07, 2006

i notice i dont have many food pictures

from left to right: RMC chicken cordon bleu; some desert with mint sauce; FNL curry laksa; Musashi's bento box (forgot to rotate); chinese food (forgot their name, but hell cares); seafood gourmet pizza; assortment of fishballs; self-prepared steamboat ingredient (hence the tacky decoration); Makoto's beef udon; sea urchin sushi; satay; kangkung belacan and curry; Devil' Delight; some desert from Shangri La Sydney; hotpot bibimbab; Sydney Fish Market's harvest.

and I can't even swallow porridge now

sucks sucks sucks sucks

things that dont serve any purpose like wisdom tooth should not exist.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Of Peking duck and MUV

No, it has nothing to do with Viewtru's newly completed, newfangled, highly controversial wuxia epic which I have been reading. Kekeke

It's time to pack up! Boxes suddenly become so precious, especially good quality big ones from Woolworths. I heard Franklin's have better ones, will scout the place soon enough. I have become the official box hunter, a title conferred to me by a friend. Anyways...

These few days post-exam were actually hectic! Kekeek! Went out with some fabulous people (read: my friends) and eat really really good food. Well, this is actually a usual thing after exam every semester, but each time has its moments.

Today, I went with 3 other fabulous people to eat Peking duck! This is particularly interesting because I have never eaten this famous duck dish before, even though I have learnt of its existence a few millennia back. We went to Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant (I think, cant remember the order of the names) which is famous for this dish. At first, we were sitting there in the VIP room wating for a particular fabulous person who was fabulously late for the occasion. But it was well worth it, cuz it was damn good. Strongly recommended, even if you are not a fan of duck ( in this case, I am like you).

For the uninitiated, Peking duck is not your average roast duck. A special breed of duck is reared in a special way for this purpose. A typical Peking duck dish is eaten in two days. Firstly, the skin with some thin later of meat is carved out of the whole roast duck, into several pieces. The snap-happy me took the picture while our private waitress was deftly carving the roast duck.

The crispy pieces of duck skin is then served on a plate, but hold on - it's not ready to be eaten yet (but I really don't mind eating only the skin, cuz it smells so good, kekeke!) It is then wrapped with a thin bread of the size of a saucer, together with spring onion and cucumber. Roll it up, and it's ready to be eaten. Good stuff.

Then, the remaining roast duck was brought back to the kitchen to be stir-fried into a dish of our choice.

Enough about Peking duck :D

I will be moving out of my current accommodation, Robert Menzies College to the new phase of Macquarie University Village. Not only it is more affordable, it is also more luxurious. Because it is damn new, I will be the first to rasmikan my room, how good is that. Here's a sneak peak.

So compared to my current 30-year-old college, MUV will win hands down as far as physical appearance is concerned. Furthermore, I will have a private bathroom, which means no more the frustration of having to share bathroom with more than 10 other people of the same floor. To be honest, I find sharing bathroom is no big deal at all but the irritation comes when someone uses the tap or flushes or comes into shower when I am showering, thereby disrupting my hot-cold water equilibrium.

Plus, college food in RMC is a term that is known to make people shudder and insinuate nausea at times. Well, farewell rice and chicken ("rice and chicken" being the popular euphemism to the mundaneness and tastelessness of college food)!

Damn, I look forward to staying at the new place, can't wait.

Monday, September 18, 2006

words of wisdom

Most of you probably don't realise but I am, in fact, quite philosophical. I think about life when I am having breakfast. While enjoying my scambled eggs today, it got me thinking.

Naturally, humans are made to do things which we enjoy doing. For example, humans need to eat, right? And we enjoy eating. Some goes to sleeping, which I find to be the greatest blessing. Likewise, shitting and peeing. The healing relief after discharging the pent-up waste is beyond words. Sex, too ( I think so la, can ask CY). Let's extrapolate...

Beats me why I have to study??

Friday, September 01, 2006

Salam merdeka

Yesderday was our big day, wohoo! Such big occasion should be rightfully commemorated by a merdeka post. I started the big day yesterday by blasting Sudirman's 31 Ogos 1957 at midnight, intending to stop only if the Dean come knocking on my door. But my neighbour, especially the one(s) above has been mysteriosly tolerant this semester, incomparison to the last semester. Oh, i am not complaining. When I woke up the next morning - actually it is already afternoon - in a truly Malaysian fashion, I just whiled away the public holiday which doesnt come often, with Sudirman still playing at the background.

A lot of people have posted a merdeka blog. Hsuiyoong has and the ambiance is immidaitely felt upon entering her blog. Keke! Beats me why Eric has not. Of course, I am not saying we should post something to honour merdeka, that would be silly. But I am proud of Malaysia and I wanna show it here!

49 years..we have indeed come a long way. Next year will be our Golden Anniversary, doesnt that sound imposing? Hahaha. If you are not proud then you are should be a retard. I know some smart aleck would be like "ohh, it is not a time for celebrating, there are so many weakneess in the country!". And there are some who just hate the country to the bone -"unfair treatment!" - because they failed in university application or denied a schorlarship. Sad, really. I feel sorry for this folks, but if they can just stop complaining perhaps they are able to see our country in different light. Plus there are those who relish on defaming his/her own country to foreigners by spreading all kinds of racist slurs and bullcrap. In all honestly, I don't count myself to be a patriotic person but some humans are utterly unbelievable. Hope I don't insult anyone because I know my friends are all proud to be Malaysians! Keke!

Have a nice day everyone.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

National Geographic, everybody

Eric made a post on this bird before. Today, I again stumbled across an article on this dimunitive creature in wikipedia.

superb fairy wren!!

"The Superb Fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus) is the best-known of all fairy-wrens, and in south-eastern Australia is frequently known simply as the blue wren. Superb Fairy-wrens occupy wide range of habitat types, and are found in almost any area that has at least a little dense undergrowth for them to shelter in, including grasslands with scattered shrubs, moderately thick forest, woodland, heaths, and domestic gardens." [more]


Gee, i never know this birdie has such a glamourous name. My friends and I (to be specific CQ and I) just conveniently call it "bot chiao" for the simple reason that it resembles a 'bot'. Well, if u don't know what it means, ask any cool Hokkien people.

We didnt mean to be perverted. In fact, we are people with impeccable manners, thus will not relegate ourselves by saying something totally meaningless. We have our reasons..

"It is notable that fairy-wrens are socially monogamous and sexually promiscious: pairs will bond for a long time, but mate with other individuals. Young are often raised not by the pair alone, but with other males who also mated with the pair's female assisting."

That's all for today. I am glad to carry out the noble task of educating you folks. Blogs out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Got the baton, need to pass it along

Here comes the obligatory, slightly overdue post, thanks again Joanne. I completely understand. You missed me so you expressed it in the form of this blog tagging thingy. HAhahaha. Perasan.

I swear I have always had this thing at the back of my mind since Joanne tagged me eons ago but exam wut. Here goes:

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Loke Cheok Quen
3.Hui Hoong
4. Steve
5. Joanne
6.Yew Chang Yang
7.Eric Fu
8.Ren Jie
10.Yen Wha
11. Yi Ning
12. Aunty Vivian
13. Shze Wei (and Albert)
14. Yenyi
15. Carrie la, Ainee la, Tina la, aiyoh the whole gang la.
16. Kenny the hot biatch
17. Heng Liang
18. Terry
19. Teh Chong Beng
20. Lina, A Qing, Sushin (yes, they can be considered as a unit LOL)

1. How did you meet #14 (Yenyi) ?
I forgot but it is logical to assume I first met her at class la. LOL

2. What would you do if you had never met #1 (Loke Queok Quen)?
Life would be abit less crazy, abit less exciting, a lot more shallow and himboish (maybe).

3. What would you do if # 20 (Lina, A Qing, Sushin) and #9 (Liyin) dated?
I wouldnt be surprised, given their lesbian tendencies (ok, bad joke). But it's so not gonna happen.

4. Would #6 (Yew Chang Yang) and #17 (Heng Liang) make good couple?
I think so.

5. Describe #3(Hui Hoong).
Describing her is the hardest. Maybe just weird. Haha, it's ok cuz she doesn't read my blog.

6. Do you think #8 (Ren Jie) is attractive?
Yes, in Cheok Quen's words he is like the Goddness of Mercy! *ROTFLOL*

7. Tell me something about #7 (Eric Fu).
Perfectionist .

8. Do you know anything about #12 (Aunty Vivian)'s family?
Her husband is one hell of a cook. Hahaha, I still can't beleive I put her name in this list.

9. What is #8(Ren Jie)'s favourite?
Chinese novels, Chinese series (?)

10. What would you do if #11 (Yi Ning) confesses that he/she likes you?
Haha, no way. I have never been in an anime nor am I called Hotohori.

11. What language does #15 (the Kakak Gang) speak?
English, Malay, a little Chinese (haha).

12. Who is #9 (Liyin) going out with?
Haha, this is one not sure. Have to ask her.

13. How old is #16 (Kenny)?
20, turining 21. Will be needing botox after you've done with chemnical peeling, mate.

14. When was the last time you talked to #13 (Shze Wei)?
Over msn about two weeks ago? But gonna see her in real person soon enough.

15. Who is #2(Max) favourite singer?
His professor? Joking, bro.

16. Would you date #4 (Steve)?
Walau, if Zi sees this he is gonna have a field day.

17. Would you date #7 (Eric)?
Hmm, he is nice and can teach me Maths. LOL

18. Is #15 (Kakak Gang) single?
Cant say for sure cuz a lot of things can happen at Wellington. Hehe.

19. What is #10(Yen Wha)'s last name?
Yen Wha's last name is Yen Wha.

20. Would you consider being in a relationship with #19(Teh Chong Beng)?
Not bad, good masseur. Hahaha.

21. What schools did #3(Hui Hoong) go to?
Some secluded school in a village no one cares about.

22. Where does #6 (Chang Yang) lives?
Some taman (melati jingga or something) located at a Bandaraya upnorth.

23. What is your favourite thing about #5(Joanne)?
She likes Britney (closet fan). Hahaha.

24. What do you think about #13(Shze Wei)?
Leader of the pack, the big sistah, don't screw with her.

25. What do #4(Steve) and # 19 (Chong Beng) have in common?
Good at having fun without the care of the world

26. What special qualities does #17 (Heng Liang) hold in your life?
The only guy who calls me by a nickname I won't disclose.

Tag other 5 people:
I think everybody is tagged already by now. How about Hsuiyoong(updated! hehe), Kean, Zi Xiang and Yi Ning?

Friday, April 21, 2006

an easter break post

:In a little more than a week's time, Easter break will come to an end, classes resume and so ensue the unexciting life that (almost) all uni students experience. But if there is one thing I love about Macquarie, it will definitely be this long, two-week break.

So far, I have been hostel-bound, entertaining myself with various trivial activities, nothing special but it's all good. Holiday is the time when I can vegetate without that pang of guilt. Hehehe. Steve, the Sydneysider-turned-Canberra countryboy came back for a few days and entralled us with stories such as how the idea of having FUN in Canberra can be associated with sitting at Starbucks with friends. Hmm, not bad...very peaceful, living with simple folks with simple needs. More spare time to patt toh. Kekeke!
I have also been looking for info about World Vision's sponsor a child programme, but what I have gathered so far only raise more doubts. The website is not very detail at telling how they actually use the funds, just some dandy idealistic statement how child will receive better health care, education, etc. I want to know 'HOW' they use the funds to achieve these goals. It also strikes me that they are (this is argruable) much better and sincere channels for charity. For World Vision, you just pay 39 a month. That's it. Easy. No further effort needed and you find contentment in believing that the child now is in a much happier state and you have done a good deed. It's like a shortcut to charity. I believe true charity can only be regarded when one, guided by a sense of empathy, selflessly go all his way to assist the less fortunate. Some form of self-sacrifice is involved here, and that includes more than forking out some moolah.

Shit, everybody goes to Goldcoast for holiday, leaving me to fend for myself at RMC and also leaving me with no kaki to go paintballing. Sucks.

To Tailou: Thx for the books! Received them (finally). I am more than a quater thru Ugly Americans...a damn good read! Will start on From Day One when I feel inspirational. Hahaha!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Finally, a post

I wonder how long I have neglected this place. Judging by the contents of the chatterox, suffice to say it is a long time indeed. Part of the reasons is my interest in this whole blog thing just dissipated. But what's the use of opening a shop when u have no good for sale, I thought. I am slightly astonished when I see you good people actually come to this wasteland although it was left to decompose. Hehe, many thanks!

Another reason I don't update (haha, I am giving excuses, but really one ok!) is there is really NOTHING intesting to tell. To be fiar, there are a lot of turbulances these few months but I have decided from the start that this blog is not for me to rave and rant, and I intend to keep it that way.

The new semester started about two weeks ago, and it is the time again when new bunch of people come in, replacing the ones who left. This time around, there are a lot more Asians, especially Japanese and Korean. While it is refreshing to see new faces around, it is somehow a regret that everyone you meet are just like passing ships that u know only for a semester or two, if u are lucky. The whole process of meeting new people, getting to know them, and forging new friendship can be daunting after a while. Steve has left as well and he is having heaps of fun at Canberra, can you believe it? Man, I am in Sydney and I am beginging to fell that this semester will be boring! I have been such an optimist all this while, so this feeling indeed doesnt bode well.

Anyway, wish everyone an exciting new semester. For me this semester will be a hard and important one; I cant afford to screw it up. This calls for hardcore nerding, a concept which sounds so elusive to me. Hehe, step by step...

Sigh, so many challenges.

Oh yeah, why is everyone's birthday on March???

Monday, January 09, 2006

Birthday Dedication

It is with great honour (and with no mistake) that I dedicated this post to none other than my Tai Lou, who has just aged by another year. You grow not only in age, but also wisdom. I am sure we will see more great things from you. So happy birthday Max and have a wonderful year!