Thursday, March 09, 2006

Finally, a post

I wonder how long I have neglected this place. Judging by the contents of the chatterox, suffice to say it is a long time indeed. Part of the reasons is my interest in this whole blog thing just dissipated. But what's the use of opening a shop when u have no good for sale, I thought. I am slightly astonished when I see you good people actually come to this wasteland although it was left to decompose. Hehe, many thanks!

Another reason I don't update (haha, I am giving excuses, but really one ok!) is there is really NOTHING intesting to tell. To be fiar, there are a lot of turbulances these few months but I have decided from the start that this blog is not for me to rave and rant, and I intend to keep it that way.

The new semester started about two weeks ago, and it is the time again when new bunch of people come in, replacing the ones who left. This time around, there are a lot more Asians, especially Japanese and Korean. While it is refreshing to see new faces around, it is somehow a regret that everyone you meet are just like passing ships that u know only for a semester or two, if u are lucky. The whole process of meeting new people, getting to know them, and forging new friendship can be daunting after a while. Steve has left as well and he is having heaps of fun at Canberra, can you believe it? Man, I am in Sydney and I am beginging to fell that this semester will be boring! I have been such an optimist all this while, so this feeling indeed doesnt bode well.

Anyway, wish everyone an exciting new semester. For me this semester will be a hard and important one; I cant afford to screw it up. This calls for hardcore nerding, a concept which sounds so elusive to me. Hehe, step by step...

Sigh, so many challenges.

Oh yeah, why is everyone's birthday on March???