Wednesday, February 23, 2005


As promised, this is a SERIOUS update.

After some last-minute packing, we sped to the Alor Star airport to catch the 3.15 plane. The airport is small and old, even the bus station is a more interesting sight. Sigh, this is Alor Star, the city that always clamours about their bandaraya status. I just dun geddit! But I disgress. Teehee! Just to poke fun at Alor Star people. Anyway, the moment at the airport was not really intense, as expected. But 9 months is not really that long. I waved my parents goodbye and got onto the flight. For many years already I haven't been on the plane and I had actually forgotten how it felt like being in a flight. I may sound a little kampung here, but I was really awed when the plane was picking up speed before flying. The speed was breakneck, but safe. The only thing you needed to do was to sit back and enjoy.

Before arriving at KLIA, I felt this acute throbing pain on my forehead that was just unbearable! I tried gulping down the whole bottle of water and shallowing the saliva as much as I could, but the pain was still there! I almost shouted out for help and then, I tried blowing my nose. It worked! Heheh, I forgot my nose got clogged. I arrvied at KLIA after the 50-minute journey.

At KLIA, I was immediately greeted by a friend. It was still early so we ate at KFC. Another friend from KDU treat me! I know free lunch exists! Thanks lots.

The situation at KLIA was similar, there was no emotion whatsoever. I am such a cold-blooded person! But we were all so occupied at that time, so there was really no time to wax sentimental. Heheh. The journey was a pleasant one. Pretty flight attendants, good facilities and the endleess supply of drinks made me proud. The food I ordered was only okay though. However, I just couldn't sleep throughout the whole 8-hour journey. So, we finally arrvied at the Sydey airport. Physically, it was nothing as impressive as KLIA, but the efficiency was remarkable. Said goodbyes to friends who were wating for the transit enroute to Auckland. The Macquarie team met Lee Yoong, Hu Hoong and I at the airport.

The bus took us all to our residential colleges, me to Robert Menzies Colloge, and the girls to Dunmore Lang. Our colleges are just next to each other, so we have met quite often.

So it's already four days since I stepped foot onto Sydney. My days have been quite hectic..with oreintation at the university, at my residential hall, and of course my own orientation. Today, I went to the city with the girls and Han Wei. He is second year this semester. We took a bus to QVB (Queen Victoria Building), then walked to the Chinatown and finally to the Darling Harbour. We also went to Star City, the casino over there. I was taxed with all the walking, but it's well worth it. Interesting sights, it realy feels like Sydney. I will post more updates and pictures soon, okay!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


They say a picture shows a thousand words. You do the math.

Need I say more?

Okay lah. I am lazy lah.

Friday, February 18, 2005


It is not easy to blog when the body is burning, nose clogged and the mind shrouded with the cloud of owowowow. And those bits and pieces of thoughts refuse to form something coherant or string themselves into sentences. This is a test of my determination to blog! Hehehe! Want me to bow down? Fat chance!

I noticed that despite my intention to post serious updates, my previous posts have been nothing but craps. That's so unbecoming of me. I am a very serious and practical person, you know! So guys, I promise more serious entries in future, okay?

As much as I love the countdown clock at the right, it freaks me out at times. 1 Day, 16h 30m 15 s and counting. Am I realy leaving that soon? Why haven't I felt all the jitters? Hmm. What can I say? That I am strong and iron-willed? Emotionless? I choose to believe the first one. Eheheh. Well, the emotions will kick in when the time comes, I guess. But then again, if I don't feel anything now, I wonder if I will feel anything at all. I wonder if I will feel the poignant moment at the airport like Eric did. But truth be told, I do feel a tad bit sad...sad for not feeling sad about leaving!

Eric called yesterday afternoon. Thanks for calling, mate! I suspect I will receive more calls soon. Probably only then I will be overwhelmed with emotions. But we wouldn't know, because I am strong and as tough as nails! Hey, just allow this poor sick soul to boost his self-esteem, will you?

Thursday, February 17, 2005


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When I was young, I always looked forward to the 9th day of the lunar calandar, when the Hokkiens "pai thee kong" (literally translated to "praying the Jade Emperor"). Although I was ignorant about the significance of the whole affair, I had fun helping my parents placing red stickers on the food that would be used as offerings. The offerings may consist of any food, but sugarcane is deemed as a must (there is a story behind this, but I have forgotten). Just imagine the unhealthy amount of sugar the Jade Emperor feasts on every year!

During "Pai Thee Kong", my dad asked me to say prayer for my well-being in Australia. So under the colourful display of fireworks that can rival that of the Merdeka, I prayed.

I pray to be well and happy,
and to meet Australian hot chicks aplenty.
May my family always be healthy,
so that they can always send me money.

I pray for success in education,
just make sure JPA pays without procrastination.
May my journey be safe and snug,
and my overweight luggages, the customs won't bug.

This is a matter of utmost urgency. I just hope the Jade Emperor was hearing and was not high on sugar.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I'm always slow in everything. So Valentine's Day was two days ago. Hmm. What was I doing then? Oh, I remember! I was busy setting up up this blog! But at least it was better than running a risk of contracting some Venereal Disease! Hehehe! You know what I mean. Anyway, here're my VD wishes.

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In another note, today marks the nineth day of the lunar calendar. Come midnight, the Hokkiens (my family included) will set up altars with offerings outside their houses to "pai thee kong". It's almost midnight now and this place is noisy with fireworks. Man, this event is even more significant and celebrative that the highly-commercialised V-Day here. So Happy Pai Thee Kong, all hokkiens!


I was in Penang looking for adaptors so that I can use the Malaysian plugs in Australia. A friend recommended me an electrical shop and here is the direction she gave me via sms:

"From Prangin(near A&W), cross the road, 2 ur left is a road, walk straight till junction, turn right then turn left, walk straight till you see the electrical shop."

So at Prangin's A&W, I crossed the road, followed the road on the left,turn left, turn right, searched for the shop, but it was nowhere to be seen. 10 minutes was wasted. Then I returned to where I started and tried a different ( even longer) route, but it was all in vain. Another 15 minutes wasted. Then, I got a brainwave, which only a bright guy like me could think of. Ask for direction! What a stoke of genius!

I finally arrived at the shop, only to find it was actually less than 5 minutes away from A&W. This proves only one thing. I am a incredibly smart, but my sense of direction doesn't measure up.

My legs are as weak as jelly now, but there's a consolation. I bought Jac's CD! Man, the live version of "Gemilang" is a splendour! I remember watching the Malaysian Idol Final, when Jac put up a spirited rendition of "Gemilang". I couldn't agree more with Paul when he said it was a " spectacular ending to a spectacular competition". This singing sensation will always have my full support! That's why I was willing to fork out MYR 7 for the CD...

Monday, February 14, 2005


After hours of slaving, this blog is finally ready. If you are here for some rabid ranting or incoherent bitching, you have come to a wrong place. Here, you will be served with uninteresing accounts of my life in Australia, all written for the purpose of updating those who care. But most importantly, this blog serves to satisfy my urge to write. So, hopefully I won't be found relentlessly promoting this place for the sake of increasing the readership. Hehehe. I will try to tone down my Terry Pratchett writing style and refrain from being too self-absorbed. It will be a huge challenge. However, with my deficiency of self disipline, I must admit the hugest challenge is to maintain constant updates. I promise I will try. So, I will cut down the time spent on Britney, anime, Neopets, and sleeping. See? I told you my life is uninteresing. Till then, peace out!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Under Construction

This is a test post