Sunday, March 20, 2005

[ Ass ] ignment

Due to my prcrastinating behaviour, I now have tons of work to do. I have just completed my C++ assignments and there is one statistics assignment to go. Besides, the macroeconomics textbook needs to be perused. So much work, and it's already the end of the weekend.

I am too lazy to recollect what happened for the past few days (weeks?), given such massive workload quandary. But I need to tell everyone I am fine here. The hostel I am staying in is great and homely, so I really hope I can stay here until the end. Dinner gets a little repetitive, it's always either potatoes or rice plus a couple of condiments. Lunch is better and there are more variety. Kebabs, fish and chips, pies, and barbacue to name a few.

Well, since I am lazy to think, I will just describe the situation over here. It is now autumn and the whether is getting cold. I now wear a jacket to go out. Leaves have started to turn yellow and they are all over the place. The path from my college to the university stretches across an expanse of green grass that is now partially blanketed by the fallen leaves. Breathtaking.

There are many kind of birds here. Parrots abound and there are many types as well. The common ones are silver-crested cockatoo, galah and lorikeet. They are very pretty birds, although the cockatoos make a hell of noise. There are magpies, and they are known to attack people during their breeding season as they become protective. Cranes can also be spotted at random. Some are also emus in the forest beside my university. I chanced upon a couple of wallabies there as well! In the city, especially for areas by th sea the Australian silver seagulls are in adundance. Try throwing a piece of bread and a flock of them will be fighting for it! Bird droppings are everywhere!

Alritee, I think I have enough break. Time to work!

I will post photos soon!

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