Friday, April 21, 2006

an easter break post

:In a little more than a week's time, Easter break will come to an end, classes resume and so ensue the unexciting life that (almost) all uni students experience. But if there is one thing I love about Macquarie, it will definitely be this long, two-week break.

So far, I have been hostel-bound, entertaining myself with various trivial activities, nothing special but it's all good. Holiday is the time when I can vegetate without that pang of guilt. Hehehe. Steve, the Sydneysider-turned-Canberra countryboy came back for a few days and entralled us with stories such as how the idea of having FUN in Canberra can be associated with sitting at Starbucks with friends. Hmm, not bad...very peaceful, living with simple folks with simple needs. More spare time to patt toh. Kekeke!
I have also been looking for info about World Vision's sponsor a child programme, but what I have gathered so far only raise more doubts. The website is not very detail at telling how they actually use the funds, just some dandy idealistic statement how child will receive better health care, education, etc. I want to know 'HOW' they use the funds to achieve these goals. It also strikes me that they are (this is argruable) much better and sincere channels for charity. For World Vision, you just pay 39 a month. That's it. Easy. No further effort needed and you find contentment in believing that the child now is in a much happier state and you have done a good deed. It's like a shortcut to charity. I believe true charity can only be regarded when one, guided by a sense of empathy, selflessly go all his way to assist the less fortunate. Some form of self-sacrifice is involved here, and that includes more than forking out some moolah.

Shit, everybody goes to Goldcoast for holiday, leaving me to fend for myself at RMC and also leaving me with no kaki to go paintballing. Sucks.

To Tailou: Thx for the books! Received them (finally). I am more than a quater thru Ugly Americans...a damn good read! Will start on From Day One when I feel inspirational. Hahaha!