Friday, July 29, 2005


I know, I've dissappered for a while. Holidays what... Had been going out everyday since the start until about last week or so. I have applied for jobs at various places in Macquarie Centre but still no news from any of them. Must stay news is good news. Kekeke!Everything happpens for a good reason, I believe. This is what my mother always tells me and shes will be damn pround if she hears this. Muahaahah. Anyway, here's what I did during the holidays:

-To celebrate the end of exams, went to watch 2 movies with the ci muiz, CW and Henry.

-Had buffet dinner at Garden restaurant with Honkey buddies to clelebrate the end of exam. Then, went to karaoke with my ci muiz and Chong Wen. Missed the last bus, so stayed in city until the next morning.

-Went to the Rocks pancake with the ci muiz. Damn nice. Highly recomended orders: Devil's delight pancake and the pork ribs.

-Helped the ci muiz moving to their new luxurious house. Expecting a housewarming party soon, kekeke!

-Norwind called on her last day in Sydney. Wut the...she said she'd been trying to call me many times since she came but couldn't get me. So I went to the city to met her.

-Went to the city again with Henry to meet with Ray and HL for the movie Initial D. Then met up with CQ, Tina and Saiful. Saiful has fully taken in the aussie culture. His Billabong cap is a testament to that. Hahaah.

-Chang Yang came. First day, went to Chinatown and the opera house. Second day, went to Taronga Zoo. The next day CY and CQ came to Macquarie, then we were off to the city again. Introduced CY to Passionflower Ice Cream.The next day, we went to the fish market for lunch, then we hanged around Darling Harbour for awhile, where CY did lotsa smart investments. HAhaah. Then we literally walked across the Harbour Bridge, cuz CY wanted to do it. We then bid farewell cuz CY would return to Melbourne the next day. We then went our seperate ways. I was walking to the QVB when I realized CY's stuff were still in my bag. Called CY and he was on the bus already. Called CQ and he said CY lost his camera. Wut the...panick panick. But we were finally united at Circular Quay again, CY explained he only lost the camera casing. Sigh, false alarm nia, tak guna betol. KEkekee!

- Gathering of the Perlis kia, consisting of myself, Tiffany, Ah Moi and Ah Kay. Also present was Richard, a Johorean. On the first day, we went to Manly Beach. Took a ferry there. At Manly, I tasted the best fish and ships ever. Ahh, so damn good. Then we took ferry back to Circular Quay, then bus to Bondi Juction. Tiff damn happy cuz she can shop. Then we headed to Bondi Beach after sunset. Like siao kias, we played at the beach at the cold winter night until our pants got all soaked. Ah Moi, Ah Kay and Tiff even had to buy new sandals cuz they carelessly placed their shoes where the waves could reach. Ahahahah. Because Tiff damn geram, we swore to come back the next day to play all out. So the next day, all fun and sun (only ogt abit of sun lah, actually) at Bondi beach again. After we were all satisfied, we headed to Watson's Bay. It was a really breathtaking place. We had dinner at Makoto, a highly reputable sushi bar at Sydney. Its expensive, but the taste was really unrivalled. Highly recommended. After that, went to watch Bewitched.

-Keita had been pestering me non-stop to go to Temasek, a Malaysian/ Singaporean restaurant at Paramatta. So me, DD, Henry, and Keita wnet there for a super hearty lunch. We tucked in like nobody's business. SOme of our orders: Oyster Omelette, Beef rendang, Kangkung belacan, and Assam Prawn with Chicken Rice. Truly authentic. But Keita got sick a few days after and he still insists that it was caused by this meal. Hahaha. Poor him, its been nearly two weeks now and he's still ill.

-Went with Korean and Japanese buddies to Eastwood for a Korean dinner. Yummy. Keita got drunk. Ahahahah.

- Went out with Francis. Actually to get the sticker for our working permits. Hanged around the city for awhile. Went to Starbucks to kill time when it unexpectedly rained.

-HL and Ray came to visit Macquarie. Showed them around and follwed them back to their house. Stayed overnight. Then the next day together with CQ, we watched Fantastic Four. Jessica Alba is hot as ever.

-Went to Bondi Junction with CQ and HL. Just lepak around, having fun. But made an important discovery. The Westfield there had a really good Chinese food court.

Well, that's all about it. I have uploaded some of the pictures at my flickr account. Look under "Links". And of course, I have watched a lot animes and movies. I also registered for the gym and have been hitting the gym about 3 times a week. Must stay healthy. Did I mentioned, I have quit instant noodles? Ahahaha! Doing nothing lately except gaming and spending time with college buddies. If Kean and Killer Bee didn't cancel their trip, my holidays would be even more eventful. If you are reading this, my penthouse is still waitng for your inspection. Hahaha! Oh, more people are coming back very soon. Can't wait for uni to start!

**Pardon the selamba language. What the hell...

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