Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Still alive

Wow, it's been 3 months. The end of the first semester is near, and that also means the final exams are looming. RMC End of Semester Formal Dinner will be held later at 6.00p.m, an event to conclude this sem. My experience in RMC so far has been wonderful, and the residents here are truly amazing. This is where you can find a Japanese speaking like a Malaysian, tagging the natural lah as he speaks. Oh, not to forget an Australian who swears in Cantonese. Having stayed here for three months now, I must say this college isn't that peaceful as it seemed to be at first. Hehehe! Naturally, you will there about all the stuff that's happening at the background, the underbelly so to speak. If you mix with the correct people, you hear stories. But there are also a handful that unfold just right in front of you. Life is really like a watered-down version of The OC. Although the sea seems calm at the surface, there is no telling whether it is also calm underneath. Great undercurrent might be at work, ya know! But in the end, that's wut that makes life so interesting. Won't u get sick if life is all saccharine sweet?

A number of my friends will be leaving RMC next semester. This is a bit sad because our friendship is still quite raw andI really don't know if it can grow deeper if the future. Hope can still meet up with them.

Many things have happened since my last post. I am just too lazy to recollect everything. But you can find some pictures taken during RMC International Dinner Night and so on in my flickr account.

I have been eating instant noodles a lot in this three months. So, I feel I have the authority to announce that the Greatest Ever Instant Noodle goes to the Nissin range! Noodles are judged based on their afordabilty, texture, quality and oomph! A must-try flavour is laksa. Beats the stupid Maggi asam laksa in Malaysia anytime.

Allright, it's almost time. Need to get ready. I will upload the pictures taken tonight later. Ciaoz.