Thursday, February 17, 2005


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When I was young, I always looked forward to the 9th day of the lunar calandar, when the Hokkiens "pai thee kong" (literally translated to "praying the Jade Emperor"). Although I was ignorant about the significance of the whole affair, I had fun helping my parents placing red stickers on the food that would be used as offerings. The offerings may consist of any food, but sugarcane is deemed as a must (there is a story behind this, but I have forgotten). Just imagine the unhealthy amount of sugar the Jade Emperor feasts on every year!

During "Pai Thee Kong", my dad asked me to say prayer for my well-being in Australia. So under the colourful display of fireworks that can rival that of the Merdeka, I prayed.

I pray to be well and happy,
and to meet Australian hot chicks aplenty.
May my family always be healthy,
so that they can always send me money.

I pray for success in education,
just make sure JPA pays without procrastination.
May my journey be safe and snug,
and my overweight luggages, the customs won't bug.

This is a matter of utmost urgency. I just hope the Jade Emperor was hearing and was not high on sugar.

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