Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whoaa, 2 posts in a day

Some personal record here :D

I like this song Xing Bu Liao Qing sung by Yang Zhong Wei in the season 1 of One Million Star Taiwan. I have been watching the show on Crunchyroll. It had such a high standard and this guy was one of the favourites. He left the competition early after confessing that he was lying about his age. Still, his career took off from there.

EDIT: Thanks to Little Goat who pointed out that what I'm watching happens to be the first season, not the second!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lest we forget

Finally my Streamyx is back! After not being able to online for more than 24 hours, I finally called the customer service. I thought no one would entertain me since it's Saturday, but a technician named Michael was there to assist me. Before looking at the problem, they needed some account info (like my father's IC no.) for verification purposes which I wasn't able to provide at that time. Still, Michael troubleshooted the problem and in the end, I my connection was fixed. For that, I am very grateful. Kudos to Streamyx customer service!

Now it's probably very rare for you to hear praises about TM Net customer service, but Michael was very polite and professional - what every staff at customer service should be. It's unfortunate that not everyone is like him, judging by the number negative things being said about it over the internet. But perhaps, what's even more unfortunate is people who have not experienced TM Net's customer service first-hand may also discredit them because angry complaints abound (herd mentality).

It's also strange that so far, I have had many pleasant experiences when dealing with government officials: the people's favourite source of complaints. About a month ago, on the way back from our hiking session, Sushin and I were stopped by a policeman. It turned out that we beat the red light (another story another blog post). However, the policeman pakcik was very friendly and clearly wasn't looking for any bribe. We were happy although we got the ticket.

I also generally experience good service from the people at JPA or the Public Service Department of Malaysia. During my first two years in Sydney I lucky enough to have Encik Zainal as the consul. He had helped me though various times, more than he needed to. For me and many others, he was our guardian when we were left to fend for ourselves in a foreign land.

Strange isn't it? There really shouldn't be any good and dedicated souls, especially in the government. Fact is: there are.

Although I have thanked them profusely in real life, I would like to again thank them for being who they are, and sometimes saving me from a sticky situation. Oh, and many thanks to my neighbour (although I don't know who you are) who 'lent' me the internet to google for the customer service number :P

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watermark baru

I like to follow the herd.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New banner!

Featuring Nissan Fairlady...the new banner reflects my recent craze for Initial D. Everyone -whether you like cars or not -should seriously watch it.

This is so ironic since I don't update my blog often. But what the hell :D Made using photoshop 7! (soo outdated)