Monday, October 17, 2005

lazy to think of a title

haizz, now too early can't sleep. So fiddling friendster. Frendsrer get really popular now because it's fun. Why izzit fun, u may ask? My 2 cents:

Friendster fun because can see your friends' updates lah. Now got friendster blog summore, really jam-packed with features. Dats why everyone play Friendster, cuz they miss their friends mah. U disagree ah? Go jump down frm a bridge la, useless piece of shit!

Secondly, there are some accounts dedicated for 'Legluis" to join. I know a few la, if u want ask me. But sadly for u, real lengluis are really few and far between in these acconuts, only got those super ugly bimboes who think they can rival Angelina Jolie taking headshots of themselves. The result is horrible beyond words. Still it's fun to see how dislussioned people can be. So, give it a shot. If you're a gal and not interested in seeing gals, dont be dissapointed. There are Lengchai's version of this also. Although sadly this is 1 trillion times more disgusting.

but of course, i have a list of real frenster lengluis too. wei, i am not desperate k. just bumped into them by chance :P

Also, one of the funniest things abt friendster is the Top Network Search. Most of the time, there are something interesting. Here're some examples:

"aku menyelak baju kebaya"
"ranjang coli"
"stim di bilik mandi"
"posisi jimak"
"malam paling panjang"
"terlondeh baju"

man, these mofos are really desperate man. if wanna look for p0rn, look somehwere else mah, friendster search is not very efficient anyways. dun pollute my Top Network Search. later ppl who view my profile would think i mix with bad company. but damn creative lah these desperados. Hahaha.

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