Friday, April 01, 2005

It's been awhile (2)

Then, we headed for the Chinatown, then Opera House. I must say going to a city at night was quite a new expereince. And the Opera House looked much prettier than daytime! We took plenty of photos and I have uploaded some of them here. Come midnight, we lit the candle on the cake which we had secretly bought in Chinatown and surprised Cheok Quen. He said he was totally oblivous of us quietly planning while we were all walking together! Hahaha, our stealth is phenomenal! So that night, with much gusto, camaraderie and warm companionship, six friends concluded their week in the city flared with luminous neons and beside the dark, windy sea with the waves crasing on the pier, they celebrated an event so memorable and mementous. Hahahaha, puke at the last sentence.

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