Wednesday, February 23, 2005


As promised, this is a SERIOUS update.

After some last-minute packing, we sped to the Alor Star airport to catch the 3.15 plane. The airport is small and old, even the bus station is a more interesting sight. Sigh, this is Alor Star, the city that always clamours about their bandaraya status. I just dun geddit! But I disgress. Teehee! Just to poke fun at Alor Star people. Anyway, the moment at the airport was not really intense, as expected. But 9 months is not really that long. I waved my parents goodbye and got onto the flight. For many years already I haven't been on the plane and I had actually forgotten how it felt like being in a flight. I may sound a little kampung here, but I was really awed when the plane was picking up speed before flying. The speed was breakneck, but safe. The only thing you needed to do was to sit back and enjoy.

Before arriving at KLIA, I felt this acute throbing pain on my forehead that was just unbearable! I tried gulping down the whole bottle of water and shallowing the saliva as much as I could, but the pain was still there! I almost shouted out for help and then, I tried blowing my nose. It worked! Heheh, I forgot my nose got clogged. I arrvied at KLIA after the 50-minute journey.

At KLIA, I was immediately greeted by a friend. It was still early so we ate at KFC. Another friend from KDU treat me! I know free lunch exists! Thanks lots.

The situation at KLIA was similar, there was no emotion whatsoever. I am such a cold-blooded person! But we were all so occupied at that time, so there was really no time to wax sentimental. Heheh. The journey was a pleasant one. Pretty flight attendants, good facilities and the endleess supply of drinks made me proud. The food I ordered was only okay though. However, I just couldn't sleep throughout the whole 8-hour journey. So, we finally arrvied at the Sydey airport. Physically, it was nothing as impressive as KLIA, but the efficiency was remarkable. Said goodbyes to friends who were wating for the transit enroute to Auckland. The Macquarie team met Lee Yoong, Hu Hoong and I at the airport.

The bus took us all to our residential colleges, me to Robert Menzies Colloge, and the girls to Dunmore Lang. Our colleges are just next to each other, so we have met quite often.

So it's already four days since I stepped foot onto Sydney. My days have been quite hectic..with oreintation at the university, at my residential hall, and of course my own orientation. Today, I went to the city with the girls and Han Wei. He is second year this semester. We took a bus to QVB (Queen Victoria Building), then walked to the Chinatown and finally to the Darling Harbour. We also went to Star City, the casino over there. I was taxed with all the walking, but it's well worth it. Interesting sights, it realy feels like Sydney. I will post more updates and pictures soon, okay!

Stay tuned.


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