Monday, February 14, 2005


After hours of slaving, this blog is finally ready. If you are here for some rabid ranting or incoherent bitching, you have come to a wrong place. Here, you will be served with uninteresing accounts of my life in Australia, all written for the purpose of updating those who care. But most importantly, this blog serves to satisfy my urge to write. So, hopefully I won't be found relentlessly promoting this place for the sake of increasing the readership. Hehehe. I will try to tone down my Terry Pratchett writing style and refrain from being too self-absorbed. It will be a huge challenge. However, with my deficiency of self disipline, I must admit the hugest challenge is to maintain constant updates. I promise I will try. So, I will cut down the time spent on Britney, anime, Neopets, and sleeping. See? I told you my life is uninteresing. Till then, peace out!