Sunday, March 06, 2005

Circular Quay

After serious planning and discussion via MSN and the phone with the guys at University of New South Wales(UNSW), we arranged to meet at the Circular Quay. So on Saturday, 27th of Feb Hui Hoong, Lee Yoong and I went to the bus stop at Macquarie Center. To our dismay, the bus would only come about one hour later. To kill time, we went loitering in Macquarie Center. It was a big mall with a confusing layout and I was lost in there once. With my nonexistent sense of direction, I just couldn't find the way out! Anyway, we bought a Travel Ten, which will save each of us about 60 cents every trip to the city by bus. The bus arrived according to schedule and we were off to the Circular Quay!

The Circular Quy was buzzing with activity. Street performers, throngs of tourists and the locals, all contribute a fair share to the atmosphere! The weather was nice, although it was a little cloudy. Well, it is called the Circular Quay because it was kind of circular before the extention of the coastlines took place. Cheok Quen, Heng Liang and Raymond arrived a few minutes after we did. We then walked to the Sydney Opera House and along the way, we could also see the Harbour Bridge stretching majestically some distances away. The Opera House is just a stone's throw away form the quay. Nothing much at the Opera House, actually. Just the feeling of having been to the most famost Australian landmark. I personally feel the Harbour Bridge is more monumental and impressive. But good opportunity to take photos for memory's sake as well as to show off. Heheh

Then, we walked around the botanic garden just beside the Opera House. After the walk, we were all hungry and stopped for some sandwiches. Later, we went to the Muzeum of Contemporary Arts. I know nuts about it ( I am sure the rest are also the same, hehe) but hey, the admission is free! So a platoon of artistic people (us lah!) marched and marvelled at the artworks in display. There were two exhibitions, one by Lee Bul, a Korean artist and Bridget Riley, a British. Lee Bul's works are cool. Most are sculptures of monsters/cyborgs/robots in their horrific state - body parts torn to pieces, missing limbs, you get the idea. As for Riley's her artworks are supposed to reflect the manipulation of colours, but I just don't see it. Haha. For me, everything is just either 'nice' or 'not nice'. After getting enough doses of art, the group of artsy-fartsy people stepped out of the complex. Then, it was time to say goodbye before we returned to our hostels. Cheok Quen and the guys returned to their accomodation at Malaysian Hall. I have just heard from CQ that they have found a house and now in the process of moving out. Hoorah!

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