Monday, October 27, 2008

A backdated entry.

I have finally moved to KL, which will be my second home for years to come. Flat hunting was indeed a grueling proces and I am just glad that it's all done. The location is convenient - just a short walking distance from the LRT station. I am still adjusting to the new environment and haven't been sleeping too well. Contrary to popular believe that I can sleep anywhere and anytime, I feel that I need some time to adapt. I think the place is not bad though. It is tranquil and has nice landscaping. The security, while not state-of the art, seems rather tight. What follows is a virtual tour of my flat, Eric-style, save taken using my crappy 2 megapixel v3x.

Taken from the LRT station, just a stone's throw away

My unit is located at the 20th floor

One of the pools


So-called saltwater pool

Wardrobe needs to be filled up more

I need bigger table!

So that's about it! I have uploaded more pictures to my facebook album too.