Friday, September 01, 2006

Salam merdeka

Yesderday was our big day, wohoo! Such big occasion should be rightfully commemorated by a merdeka post. I started the big day yesterday by blasting Sudirman's 31 Ogos 1957 at midnight, intending to stop only if the Dean come knocking on my door. But my neighbour, especially the one(s) above has been mysteriosly tolerant this semester, incomparison to the last semester. Oh, i am not complaining. When I woke up the next morning - actually it is already afternoon - in a truly Malaysian fashion, I just whiled away the public holiday which doesnt come often, with Sudirman still playing at the background.

A lot of people have posted a merdeka blog. Hsuiyoong has and the ambiance is immidaitely felt upon entering her blog. Keke! Beats me why Eric has not. Of course, I am not saying we should post something to honour merdeka, that would be silly. But I am proud of Malaysia and I wanna show it here!

49 years..we have indeed come a long way. Next year will be our Golden Anniversary, doesnt that sound imposing? Hahaha. If you are not proud then you are should be a retard. I know some smart aleck would be like "ohh, it is not a time for celebrating, there are so many weakneess in the country!". And there are some who just hate the country to the bone -"unfair treatment!" - because they failed in university application or denied a schorlarship. Sad, really. I feel sorry for this folks, but if they can just stop complaining perhaps they are able to see our country in different light. Plus there are those who relish on defaming his/her own country to foreigners by spreading all kinds of racist slurs and bullcrap. In all honestly, I don't count myself to be a patriotic person but some humans are utterly unbelievable. Hope I don't insult anyone because I know my friends are all proud to be Malaysians! Keke!

Have a nice day everyone.

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