Friday, October 12, 2007

Looks like someone has not given up on me

How's my favourite fellas? I guess no one will really come here anyway after the long silence, so I don't really know what to feel when CY gave me something that was chiak pa boh su zor. Keke! Anyway, here goes.

5 things in my bag:

I don't really carry a bag to anywhere except maybe for gym. I know! Such an anticlimax, but oh well.

5 things in my head:
  • This actually reminds me of a blonde joke Alexi told back in RMC. It goes something like this:
A red-hair, a brunette, and a blonde were facing God. They had to speak in front of a mirror which was able to detect any lies told, and if it did detect a lie, the person would vanish in a puff of smoke.
So the red-hair went first. She said ,"I think I am beautiful." Poof! And that was the last of her.
When it comes to the brunette's turn, she said, "I think I am hot." Poof! She met the same fate as the red-hair.
It's finally the blonde's turn and she said with confidence, "I think...." Poof! and she met her smoky end.
  • All the new animes screening in Fall 2007- which one to watch? As usual, this season offers a whole range of genres, from yuri to horror. I am eyeing on Clannnad, KyoAni's only offering for this season. Also previewed a few slice-of-life animes and expectation is high on the esteemed studio. A good harem or slice-of-life anime always makes my day. Which reminds me:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will have a season 2! Wohoo! Let's all rejoice like Konata! Moving on..

  • A British comedy I just watched, called Hot Fuzz. Recommended to those who need a good laugh.
  • There is an ACCG353 test sometime next week. Not sure when, so gotta check.
  • Econ335 test I just sat for a few hours ago. It sucked, but I don't have to lay my hands on microfinance again.
5 words I frequently use:
  • please
  • thank you
  • bitch
  • hawt
  • dude
among other things...

5 recent smses received
  • From Carol, who I havent met for awhile. It's funny cuz I have been thinking of calling her, but this morning she sms'ed me instead. Haha!
  • Also from Carol.
  • from Alicia, about going to gym at 7.30 and reminder to sleep early. Haha, thx.
  • also from Alicia, about something random.
  • from Yeelin ,about dinner.
5 recent things I just did:
  • Sat for Econ 335 test.
  • Went to Chong Wen's. Stayed there watching Chong Wen and Victor playing God of Wars challenge and ate there.
  • Went to Macquarie Centre just for the sake of going there - the result of being housebound for days.
  • Printed my notes.
  • Went to Trafalgar Pharmacy across the street for lozenges.
and a lot of sleeps in between. Haha. Sick eh su...

5 things in my wardrobe:
I have a big wardrobe, so this is the place most of my stuff ends up in.
  • Clothes, like duh!
  • Part of my skincare products
  • Hair products
  • A stack of magazines
  • Miscellaneous - linens, extra towels, Home Brand toilet paper, medicines, coin storage, shopping bags from buying clothes (recycle, recycle, recycle)
5 things i just ate:
  • Chicken sandwich from Cheeky Salad. Always a treat.
  • Chicken Curry and stir-fried vegetables, courtesy of Chongwen and Yeelin.
  • Strepsils Intense cuz mine's not good enough. Thanks, Mirae!
  • Strepsils for dry cough - from the pharmacy.
  • A Chinese rock honey drinks, for the cooling effect which I needed so much. Thanks, Alicia!

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