Saturday, February 03, 2007

could've, should've, would've

New year, new start. That's what they say. Maybe those are just words used by optimists to reassure, to attempt not to look back and to just forget what a crappy year it has been. Is it even possible for a change to happen overnight, just like that? What the hell.

Well, the mantra is definitely working for me. Moving into the new (in every sense of the word) apartment just gives me that fresh air that makes me think this year's gonna be so awesome. Summer school is just boring though- 6 hours of class on Tuesdays and Fridays. Same subject, same lecturer throughout. Every lecture is a cycle of : I look at the lecturer - the lecturer looks at me - I look away - I accidentally look at the PRC who looks like Ugly Betty dressing up as a zebra - puke and puke - look back at the lecturer, now talking about his girlfriend.

The only consolation, it seems, is to look forward to retiring at my brandspanking new pad. Lounging on the couch, with the TV remote control in one hand and a bag of chips/hearty homecooked meal in another just makes that grueling day earlier more bearable. Not to forget the warm shower in its full high-pressured splendour (unlike the showers in RMC which streams out in trickles, pressure comparable to the pee coming out of a very very sore urinary organ). Or the healing mattress with pillow firm, but fluffy. Or the...

Haha. Bear with me. While it's true that I enjoy staying here, I have a few regrets as well for coming back a little early. People that I should have met or spend more of my time with. Places that I should have gone, events I should have attended, FOOD that should have been eaten! And a purely evil few person whom I call a friend (you know who you are!) who constantly boasts about all the great time I have missed ( "hey, i went to this this event!! and i met xxxx!! oh damn fun lor, you should have come. padan muka go back so early") just aggravates the feeling.


on another note, this is slightly overdue but as we all know Step into my World/ Storyblog/ Anything and Everything has officially been closed by its owner. It was certainly fun while it lasted and its demise is indeed a loss to the blogging world. As a tribute, the link will still stay, marked by an honorary tombstone. Together, they will serve as physical reminders of what once were.

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